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  Hints and Tips for: Spuds Unearthed 
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 Spuds Unearthed Cheats

Spuds Unearthed

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Baseship Guide:
Written by marta.jaworska

The Baseship is an integral part of the Home Planet. Itís docked at the bottom 
below the Planetís inner surface and is accessible through an Elevator Platform 
to get ready to fight. Get to know parts of the Baseship and prepare for planetary 

-=General info-=
The Baseship is an integral part of the Home Planet. Itís docked at the bottom 
below the planetís inner surface and is accessible by the Player through an Elevator 

After a Defense System is loaded, the Player can transport him/herself there to:

Analyze the next destination on the Planetary System Holograph.
Travel to the next planet using the Control Panel.
Launch himself to an entirely new Planetary system with a Hyperdrive.

The Player will operate inside the Baseship before and after each planet battle. 
During the gameplay, the Baseship will be always docked and the Player will be able 
to elevate to the Home Planet easily. 

-=Planetary System Hologram=-
Planetary System Hologram is a part of the mechanism allowing you to choose the next 
Planet to go to.

There are three types of Planets. According to their size, the Planets have three 
difficulty levels. To check the difficulty level you can compare two Planets by 
grabbing them and comparing their size.

-=Zombud-Infested Planets=-
Every single Planet in the new Planetary System starts as a Planet infested by the 
rotten potatoes - Zombuds. Conquering such planet means killing all of the Zombuds 
residing in there and their nests.

-=Other Player's Planets=-
Once a Planet is conquered by the Player, it's no longer Zombud-Infested. When the 
Planet is conquered by other Player it changes its color to one which he/she has chosen.

-=Control Panel=-
The Control Panel allows you to travel to the chosen planet from the Planetary System 
Hologram in the Baseship.

After choosing the Planet, you have to launch the engine with two handles called the 
Hyperdrive. Both handles have to be fully switched and held in that configuration in 
order to ensure your conscious decision.

After the interaction, you start a journey to the designated planet. After a couple of 
seconds, you arrive at the destination, and the Elevator Platform automatically travels 
up to start the battle.

-=Defense System=-
The Defense System is our main operative structure during the Combat in Spuds Unearthed.

The Defense System is also an integral part of the Baseship. Once the Baseship arrives 
on the Planet, the Defense System goes upwards with you and docks on the Planet.

-=Parts of the Defense System=-
Elevator Platform - can go up and down with the Player.
Turret Slot - can have Turrets attached and detached to or from it at the base.
GoonBot Elevator - works only on the Battlefield. Goonbots use it to get to the Battlefield.
Vehicle Elevator - vehicles come through this Elevator.
Spud Slot - only healthy and full ammo Spuds will sit here, ready to fight.
Subsystem Slot - subsystem can be attached here.

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