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  Hints and Tips for: Star Shelter 
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 Star Shelter Cheats

Star Shelter

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginners Guide:
Written by JackHammerOfLawl

When you first spawn, and whenever you die, you will spawn in your ship with full 
oxygen and energy. Whatever personal belongings you had on you before dieing will 
be lost.

-=How to leave the spawn=-
Pull the red lever in front of you and your spawn capsule cover will release and 
you'll find yourself in outer space. Your ship will be nearby. Use your boosters 
and hands to navigate to the bottom of your ship and you can enter it.

Whenever you die you will lose your personal items.

The trigger buttons are for gripping objects and structures. The grip buttons are 
used for activating your thrusters.

Your thrusters consume oxygen so don't activate both at once! Concerve oxygen by 
thrusting towards a structure then gripping it right when you arrive. Using your 
thrusters to slow down before arriving at a structure is a waste of oxygen. 
Once there, grip the structure to move around it, conserving your oxygen.

Opening/Closing your mask

While you are inside your ship and the airlock is closed you can safely open your 
mask. To do so, hold your hand at your chin and press the trigger button of your 
Oculus Touch controller and pull up. Do the reverse to close it. 
Don't open your mask while outside of your ship.

-=Finding Oxygen=-
The wreckage sites around your ship each have a chance of having a blue oxygen 
canister floating among them.

-=Loading oxygen into your suit=-
Grip the oxygen canister with the trigger button of your Oculus Touch then move 
it to the center area of your chest. It will lock into your chest and instantly 
resupply your suit.

-=Removing Empty Canisters=-
Empty oxygen canisters attached to your chest become scrap. Remove the canister 
from your chest by gripping it with the trigger button. You can also use your 
repair tool to recover scrap from the oxygen canister once it's detached.

-=Reparing Your ship=-
Activating your repair tool
Press down on either Oculus Touch thumbstick to activate your repair tool. 
While it's activated your trigger button will repair structures instead of grip 

-=Repairing Structures=-
The end of the cone is not the "activation" point of your repair tool, but rather 
the tip of your finger. You need to place the tip of your pointer finger at the 
repair area.

-=Ship damage and oxygen=-
While your ship is damaged oxygen can escape. Be sure to keep your ship repaired 
so that you have a steady supply of oxygen.

-=Resource Collection=-
Resources are collected using your repair tool. If an item or structure has 
square symbols over it with numbers then you can collect it as a resource. 
Hold your repair tool over the item and pull the trigger on your Oculus Touch 
controller. After a short period it will enter your personal inventory.

-=Personal Resource Inventory=-
You can see the items in your personal resource inventory by pressing the square 
symbol on your left wrist. It will show a grid of resources with counts for each.

If you die your resources will be lost.

At the center of your ship is a computer that can be used for crafting items. 
The top row of icons of the computer are different modes. The gear icon opens 
up the crafting system.

-=Crafting Physical Items=-
Some items, such as energy/oxygen canisters, are crafted into physical items. When 
you craft these items they will materialize in the center of the ship, in front 
of the computer. You can grab the item once it's made.

-=Crafting Placeable Items=-
Some items are crafted into your wrist computer for placement onto your ship.

-=Ship Upgrades=-
You can view your current inventory of ship upgrades via your wrist computer. 
While this inventory is open you can view gear icons all over your ship's interior 
and exterior. These are placement points. Press the "place" button on your wrist 
then point at the placement icon to place the item.

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