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  Hints and Tips for: Stardew Valley 
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 Stardew Valley Cheats

Stardew Valley

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Community Center Quests:
Play for a few days, and you'll witness a cutscene upon entering town. Check the 
community center, which until that point will have been locked, and you'll discover
a golden piece of paper. You can't read it, but that's fine. Go home and catch some
sleep, and in the morning you'll find that you now have a message from a wizard. 
You'll find him in a tower, located to the south of your farm. Make a visit and 
you'll gain the ability to read scrolls located in the community center building.
They outline quests that you can complete for various rewards, including some 
terrific stuff further down the road.

Farming Means Growth:
Upgrades are tempting, but they're costly and don't work as a good starting point.
Instead, spend your early days focusing on crops. If you grow a sufficient number 
of crops in the Spring, around your fishing and foraging activities, you'll reach 
the Summer season with a lot of resources. Those you can spend on additional seeds
on the very first day, and their yield will give you the wealth you need to finally
purchase tools and exciting upgrades.

Strawberry Seeds:
Halfway through Spring, you can attend the Egg Festival. Make sure that you've 
saved up a fair bit of money by that point, and find Pierre at his vending area.
He'll sell you Strawberry Seeds, at a rate of 100G apiece, and you should invest
whatever you can afford in that lucrative item. Then you should plant the seeds 
and harvest the berries they produce. Each berry is worth 120G when you sell it,
and each plant can produce new berries every two days or so. It won't take long 
to recoup your investment.

Fishing Fun:
Once you reach the second day, you'll receive a letter. You can travel 
south from Pelican Town after that, and you'll meet up with Willy the 
Fisherman. He gives you a fishing pole, which allows you to fish and 
potentially earn income of more than 300 gold per day (plus more besides, 
if you eat food and replenish your energy so you can keep at it). Early 
in the game, that extra income will allow you to invest in faster means 
of earning money.

Foraging Fool:
When you reach the end of the day and your chores are completed but you still 
have time on the clock, make sure that you forage for a bit. Check for plants 
you can harvest for quick energy, or to serve as something to sell for gold at 
the market. Particularly early in the game, such activities can go a long way 
toward get you started along the proper path.

Clear Space For Your Farm:
Make sure that you regularly spend time clearing the land to provide room for your
farm. You'll earn crafting materials in the process, such as Stone and Wood, but 
it takes a lot of energy. Spend roughly half your energy making room for your 
expansion, especially at first, and make sure that you build a Chest to store 
it all. Do leave some grass growing, however, as later on you'll need it for Hay.

Stardrop Fruit locations:
Search the indicated locations to find a Stardrop Fruit. They will 
increase your maximum energy by 34 points.

* Pay 20,000G to Krobus the merchant in the Sewer. 
  Note: To get the key to Sewer, donate 60 artifacts to the museum.
* Catch each type of fish to get a fruit from Willy.
* Find every book and item to complete the Museum Collection.
* Reach the 100th floor in the mines and look inside the treasure chest.
* Earn 2,000 Tokens through fishing, mini-games, or a merchant. You can 
  then purchase a fruit from the merchant at the Stardew Valley Fair.
* Get married and get your spouse to 13/12 Hearts. 
  Speak with them in your home to get a fruit. 
* Present your spouse with a gift on their birthday, then speak with 
  them in your home to get a fruit.
* Purchase a Rare Seed for 1,000G from a rare merchant on the northeast 
  edge of Wizard Tower. Plant it during the Fall. Get a Sweet Gem Berry 
  from the seed, travel to Secret Woods, and cut the wood using a steel 
  axe. Then, donate the berry to the statue in the Secret Woods to get a 

Set Your Priorities Right:
One of the biggest keys to success in Stardew Valley is to set your priorities correctly.
Wasting even one hour of time means you weren't making money during that hour. Always 
start your day by doing your farm work. Afterwards, you should head off to the Mines to 
get some ore to sell, or go fishing to sell off what you catch.

Winter is a great season to catch up on your friendships and other non farming related 
activities, so don't feel bad if you're ignoring them during the more productive seasons.
Raising animals is also something that can wait till later in the year. The upfront costs
of having to buy the building, plus the animals is quite large, and will take away many 
thousands from your coffers. This is precious money that instead should be saved for 
more seeds. Once you are floating a comfortable amount of extra gold, somewhere over 10K,
then you should consider investing in animals.

Best Crops For Each Season:
Written by Razz
Simple and Easy guide for best crops each season.

Strawberry – 500 gold profit per crop // Obtained during Egg Festival (Spring 13th)
Rhubarb – 240 gold profit per crop // Purchased in The Desert
Potato – 213 gold profit per crop // Purchased at Pierre’s General Store
Cauliflower – 190 gold profit per crop // Purchased at Pierre’s General Store
Green Bean – 180 gold profit per crop // Purchased at Pierre’s General Store

Blueberry – 880 gold profit per crop // Purchased at Pierre’s General Store
Starfruit – 800 gold profit per crop // Purchased in The Desert
Hops – 365 gold profit per crop // Purchased at Pierre’s General Store
Melon – 340 gold profit per crop // Purchased at Pierre’s General Store
Tomato – 283 gold profit per crop // Purchased at Pierre’s General Store

Rare Seed – 2000 profit per crop // Purchased at Gypsy Wagon
Cranberry – 1101 profit per crop // Purchased at Pierre’s General Store
Pumpkin – 440 profit per crop // Purchased at Pierre’s General Store
Grape – 420 profit per crop // Purchased at Pierre’s General Store
Artichoke – 390 profit per crop // Purchased at Pierre’s General Store

Not worth without sprinklers
Not much to do. However would recommend, if you have sprinklers craft Winter Seeds out 
of Foragebles. Every time you do this the crop will give you enough to craft double as 
much as before. Repeat process. So in the end you will have loads of Winter fruit to sell.

Coffee: The Ultimate Crop:
Written by Sagru

A short guide on the ultimate crop: coffee.

Coffee is probably the best crop available in the game. Unlike other crops, coffee 
plants drop theire seeds as fruits thus making it easy to get more of them. Other crops 
like the Ancient Fruit are more profitable but coffee is easy to cultivate.

-=Getting started=-
You can get your first bean from the Traveling Cart for 2500g. Keep in mind, coffee 
only grows in spring and summer. Now you just have to plant it like every other crop 
and wait for 10 days till it matures. From that point forward you can harvest every 2 
days. The best moment to plant the bean is on the 1st of spring.

As soon as you harvest you crops plant the beans again.

(I've made all calculations with this Python 3 Script)

All calculations are based on the assuption of 4 beans per harvest and 15g per gold. 
So this is an worst case calculation.

At the end of spring you will have 129 plants. If you max your profit by planting till 
day 45, you would have 13049 plants. 

At this point you need to decide how many plants you want. If you stop planting after 
spring and stick to 129 plants you will make 92000g. 

If you reapeat this the next year with the same amount of plants you get:

129*23*25*4-2500=175 520g

If you keep planting for an additional 2 days you get:

197 plants and 131 780g profit

4 days:

281 plants and 175 880g proft.

At which point you decide to stop planting is up to you and depends on the extand 
of your farm and sprinkler system. Remember to keep some beans for the next year.

How to Solve Ginger Island Mermaid Puzzle (Update 1.5):
Written by SnowyBork

This is a simple guide for the Ginger Island Mermaid Puzzle.

-=Ginger Island Mermaid Puzzle Guide=-
Key: Must be raining.

Go to the far right beach and have 5 Flute Blocks.
Pitch them so that they match the mermaid song from the Winter Market (2 clicks for 
the first block, 11 clicks for the second, 10 clicks for the third, 5 clicks for the fourth, 
7 clicks for the fifth).

If you get it right, the mermaid smiles on the rock and waves at you. 
You get 5 golden walnuts.

Spawn items:
Name your character item values surrounded by brackets (for example, [645][499][163]). 
When the game references your name, it will spawn items instead. In the given example, 
there are three items. You do not always get all three items, but sometimes you do. 
You will always get the first one. You can also name an animal while buying it for a
one time spawn. You can then rename the animal afterwards.

All Item ID's List:
Written by Master Chief

This guide contains all the Item ID's on the game!

Press Ctrl+F then search for the item you would like to find!

-=Item Name and Item ID=-
Weeds 0
Stone 2
Wild Horseradish 16
Daffodil 18
Leek 20
Dandelion 22
Parsnip 24
Stone 25
Lumber 30
Emerald 60
Aquamarine 62
Ruby 64
Amethyst 66
Topaz 68
Banana Sapling 69
Jade 70
Trimmed Lucky Purple Shorts 71
Diamond 72
Golden Walnut 73
Prismatic Shard 74
Stone 75
Stone 76
Stone 77
Cave Carrot 78
Secret Note 79
Quartz 80
Fire Quartz 82
Frozen Tear 84
Earth Crystal 86
Coconut 88
Cactus Fruit 90
Banana 91
Sap 92
Torch 93
Spirit Torch 94
Stone 95
Dwarf Scroll I 96
Dwarf Scroll II 97
Dwarf Scroll III 98
Dwarf Scroll IV 99
Chipped Amphora 100
Arrowhead 101
Lost Book 102
Ancient Doll 103
Elvish Jewelry 104
Chewing Stick 105
Ornamental Fan 106
Dinosaur Egg 107
Rare Disc 108
Ancient Sword 109
Rusty Spoon 110
Rusty Spur 111
Rusty Cog 112
Chicken Statue 113
Ancient Seed 114
Prehistoric Tool 115
Dried Starfish 116
Anchor 117
Glass Shards 118
Bone Flute 119
Prehistoric Handaxe 120
Dwarvish Helm 121
Dwarf Gadget 122
Ancient Drum 123
Golden Mask 124
Golden Relic 125
Strange Doll 126
Strange Doll 127
Pufferfish 128
Anchovy 129
Tuna 130
Sardine 131
Bream 132
Largemouth Bass 136
Smallmouth Bass 137
Rainbow Trout 138
Salmon 139
Walleye 140
Perch 141
Carp 142
Catfish 143
Pike 144
Sunfish 145
Red Mullet 146
Herring 147
Eel 148
Octopus 149
Red Snapper 150
Squid 151
Seaweed 152
Green Algae 153
Sea Cucumber 154
Super Cucumber 155
Ghostfish 156
White Algae 157
Stonefish 158
Crimsonfish 159
Angler 160
Ice Pip 161
Lava Eel 162
Legend Fish 163
Sandfish 164
Scorpion Carp 165
Treasure Chest 166
Joja Cola 167
Trash 168
Driftwood 169
Broken Glasses 170
Broken CD 171
Soggy Newspaper 172
Large Egg 174
Egg 176
Hay 178
Egg 180
Large Egg 182
Milk 184
Large Milk 186
Green Bean 188
Cauliflower 190
Ornate Necklace 191
Potato 192
Fried Egg 194
Omelet 195
Salad 196
Cheese Cauliflower 197
Baked Fish 198
Parsnip Soup 199
Vegetable Medley 200
Complete Breakfast 201
Fried Calamari 202
Strange Bun 203
Lucky Lunch 204
Fried Mushroom 205
Pizza 206
Bean Hotpot 207
Glazed Yams 208
Carp Surprise 209
Hashbrowns 210
Pancakes 211
Salmon Dinner 212
Fish Taco 213
Crispy Bass 214
Pepper Poppers 215
Bread 216
Tom Kha Soup 218
Trout Soup 219
Chocolate Cake 220
Pink Cake 221
Rhubarb Pie 222
Cookie 223
Spaghetti 224
Fried Eel 225
Spicy Eel 226
Sashimi 227
Maki Roll 228
Tortilla 229
Red Plate 230
Eggplant Parmesan 231
Rice Pudding 232
Ice Cream 233
Blueberry Tart 234
Autumn's Bounty 235
Pumpkin Soup 236
Super Meal 237
Cranberry Sauce 238
Stuffing 239
Farmer's Lunch 240
Survival Burger 241
Dish O' The Sea 242
Miner's Treat 243
Roots Platter 244
Sugar 245
Wheat Flour 246
Oil 247
Garlic 248
Kale 250
Tea Sapling 251
Rhubarb 252
Triple Shot Espresso 253
Melon 254
Tomato 256
Morel 257
Blueberry 258
Fiddlehead Fern 259
Hot Pepper 260
Warp Totem: Desert 261
Wheat 262
Radish 264
Seafoam Pudding 265
Red Cabbage 266
Flounder 267
Starfruit 268
Midnight Carp 269
Corn 270
Unmilled Rice 271
Eggplant 272
Rice Shoot 273
Artichoke 274
Artifact Trove 275
Pumpkin 276
Wilted Bouquet 277
Bok Choy 278
Magic Rock Candy 279
Yam 280
Chanterelle 281
Cranberries 282
Holly 283
Beet 284
Cherry Bomb 286
Bomb 287
Mega Bomb 288
Ostrich Egg 289
Stone 290
Mahogany Seed 292
Brick Floor 293
Twig 294
Twig 295
Salmonberry 296
Grass Starter 297
Hardwood Fence 298
Amaranth Seeds 299
Amaranth 300
Grape Starter 301
Hops Starter 302
Pale Ale 303
Hops 304
Void Egg 305
Mayonnaise 306
Duck Mayonnaise 307
Void Mayonnaise 308
Acorn 309
Maple Seed 310
Pine Cone 311
Weeds 313
Weeds 314
Weeds 315
Weeds 316
Weeds 317
Weeds 318
Weeds 319
Weeds 320
Weeds 321
Wood Fence 322
Stone Fence 323
Iron Fence 324
Gate 325
Dwarvish Translation Guide 326
Wood Floor 328
Stone Floor 329
Clay 330
Weathered Floor 331
Crystal Floor 333
Copper Bar 334
Iron Bar 335
Gold Bar 336
Iridium Bar 337
Refined Quartz 338
Honey 340
Tea Set 341
Pickles 342
Stone 343
Jelly 344
Beer 346
Rare Seed 347
Wine 348
Energy Tonic 349
Juice 350
Muscle Remedy 351
Basic Fertilizer 368
Quality Fertilizer 369
Basic Retaining Soil 370
Quality Retaining Soil 371
Clam 372
Golden Pumpkin 373
Poppy 376
Copper Ore 378
Iron Ore 380
Coal 382
Gold Ore 384
Iridium Ore 386
Wood 388
Stone 390
Nautilus Shell 392
Coral 393
Rainbow Shell 394
Coffee 395
Spice Berry 396
Sea Urchin 397
Grape 398
Spring Onion 399
Strawberry 400
Straw Floor 401
Sweet Pea 402
Field Snack 403
Common Mushroom 404
Wood Path 405
Wild Plum 406
Gravel Path 407
Hazelnut 408
Crystal Path 409
Blackberry 410
Cobblestone Path 411
Winter Root 412
Blue Slime Egg 413
Crystal Fruit 414
Stepping Stone Path 415
Snow Yam 416
Sweet Gem Berry 417
Crocus 418
Vinegar 419
Red Mushroom 420
Sunflower 421
Purple Mushroom 422
Rice 423
Cheese 424
Fairy Seeds 425
Goat Cheese 426
Tulip Bulb 427
Cloth 428
Jazz Seeds 429
Truffle 430
Sunflower Seeds 431
Truffle Oil 432
Coffee Bean 433
Stardrop 434
Goat Milk 436
Red Slime Egg 437
L. Goat Milk 438
Purple Slime Egg 439
Wool 440
Explosive Ammo 441
Duck Egg 442
Duck Feather 444
Caviar 445
Rabbit's Foot 446
Aged Roe 447
Stone Base 449
Stone 450
Weeds 452
Poppy Seeds 453
Ancient Fruit 454
Spangle Seeds 455
Algae Soup 456
Pale Broth 457
Bouquet 458
Mead 459
Mermaid's Pendant 460
Decorative Pot 461
Drum Block 463
Flute Block 464
Speed-Gro 465
Deluxe Speed-Gro 466
Parsnip Seeds 472
Bean Starter 473
Cauliflower Seeds 474
Potato Seeds 475
Garlic Seeds 476
Kale Seeds 477
Rhubarb Seeds 478
Melon Seeds 479
Tomato Seeds 480
Blueberry Seeds 481
Pepper Seeds 482
Wheat Seeds 483
Radish Seeds 484
Red Cabbage Seeds 485
Starfruit Seeds 486
Corn Seeds 487
Eggplant Seeds 488
Artichoke Seeds 489
Pumpkin Seeds 490
Bok Choy Seeds 491
Yam Seeds 492
Cranberry Seeds 493
Beet Seeds 494
Spring Seeds 495
Summer Seeds 496
Fall Seeds 497
Winter Seeds 498
Ancient Seeds 499
Small Glow Ring 516
Glow Ring 517
Small Magnet Ring 518
Magnet Ring 519
Slime Charmer Ring 520
Warrior Ring 521
Vampire Ring 522
Savage Ring 523
Ring of Yoba 524
Sturdy Ring 525
Burglar's Ring 526
Iridium Band 527
Jukebox Ring 528
Amethyst Ring 529
Topaz Ring 530
Aquamarine Ring 531
Jade Ring 532
Emerald Ring 533
Ruby Ring 534
Geode 535
Frozen Geode 536
Magma Geode 537
Alamite 538
Bixite 539
Baryte 540
Aerinite 541
Calcite 542
Dolomite 543
Esperite 544
Fluorapatite 545
Geminite 546
Helvite 547
Jamborite 548
Jagoite 549
Kyanite 550
Lunarite 551
Malachite 552
Neptunite 553
Lemon Stone 554
Nekoite 555
Orpiment 556
Petrified Slime 557
Thunder Egg 558
Pyrite 559
Ocean Stone 560
Ghost Crystal 561
Tigerseye 562
Jasper 563
Opal 564
Fire Opal 565
Celestine 566
Marble 567
Sandstone 568
Granite 569
Basalt 570
Limestone 571
Soapstone 572
Hematite 573
Mudstone 574
Obsidian 575
Slate 576
Fairy Stone 577
Star Shards 578
Prehistoric Scapula 579
Prehistoric Tibia 580
Prehistoric Skull 581
Skeletal Hand 582
Prehistoric Rib 583
Prehistoric Vertebra 584
Skeletal Tail 585
Nautilus Fossil 586
Amphibian Fossil 587
Palm Fossil 588
Trilobite 589
Artifact Spot 590
Tulip 591
Summer Spangle 593
Fairy Rose 595
Blue Jazz 597
Sprinkler 599
Plum Pudding 604
Artichoke Dip 605
Stir Fry 606
Roasted Hazelnuts 607
Pumpkin Pie 608
Radish Salad 609
Fruit Salad 610
Blackberry Cobbler 611
Cranberry Candy 612
Apple 613
Green Tea 614
Bruschetta 618
Quality Sprinkler 621
Cherry Sapling 628
Apricot Sapling 629
Orange Sapling 630
Peach Sapling 631
Pomegranate Sapling 632
Apple Sapling 633
Apricot 634
Orange 635
Peach 636
Pomegranate 637
Cherry 638
Iridium Sprinkler 645
Coleslaw 648
Fiddlehead Risotto 649
Poppyseed Muffin 651
Stone 668
Stone 670
Weeds 674
Weeds 675
Weeds 676
Weeds 677
Weeds 678
Weeds 679
Green Slime Egg 680
Rain Totem 681
Mutant Carp 682
Bug Meat 684
Bait 685
Spinner 686
Dressed Spinner 687
Warp Totem Farm 688
Warp Totem Mountains 689
Warp Totem Beach 690
Barbed Hook 691
Lead Bobber 692
Treasure Hunter 693
Trap Bobber 694
Cork Bobber 695
Sturgeon 698
Tiger Trout 699
Bullhead 700
Tilapia 701
Chub 702
Magnet 703
Dorado 704
Albacore 705
Shad 706
Lingcod 707
Halibut 708
Hardwood 709
Crab Pot 710
Lobster 715
Crayfish 716
Crab 717
Cockle 718
Mussel 719
Shrimp 720
Snail 721
Periwinkle 722
Oyster 723
Maple Syrup 724
Oak Resin 725
Pine Tar 726
Chowder 727
Fish Stew 728
Escargot 729
Lobster Bisque 730
Maple Bar 731
Crab Cakes 732
Shrimp Cocktail 733
Woodskip 734
Strawberry Seeds 745
Jack-O-Lantern 746
Rotten Plant 747
Rotten Plant 748
Omni Geode 749
Weeds 750
Stone 751
Stone 760
Stone 762
Stone 764
Stone 765
Slime 766
Bat Wing 767
Solar Essence 768
Void Essence 769
Mixed Seeds 770
Fiber 771
Oil of Garlic 772
Life Elixir 773
Wild Bait 774
Glacierfish 775
Weeds 784
Weeds 785
Weeds 786
Battery Pack 787
Lost Axe 788
Lucky Purple Shorts 789
Berry Basket 790
Golden Coconut 791
Weeds 792
Weeds 793
Weeds 794
Void Salmon 795
Slimejack 796
Pearl 797
Midnight Squid 798
Spook Fish 799
Blobfish 800
Wedding Ring 801
Cactus Seeds 802
Iridium Milk 803
Tree Fertilizer 805
Dinosaur Mayonnaise 807
Void Ghost Pendant 808
Movie Ticket 809
Crabshell Ring 810
Napalm Ring 811
Roe 812
Squid Ink 814
Tea Leaves 815
Stone 816
Stone 817
Stone 818
Stone 819
Fossilized Skull 820
Fossilized Spine 821
Fossilized Tail 822
Fossilized Leg 823
Fossilized Ribs 824
Snake Skull 825
Snake Vertebrae 826
Mummified Bat 827
Mummified Frog 828
Ginger 829
Taro Root 830
Taro Tuber 831
Pineapple 832
Pineapple Seeds 833
Mango 834
Mango Sapling 835
Stingray 836
Lionfish 837
Blue Discus 838
Thorns Ring 839
Rustic Plank Floor 840
Stone Walkway Floor 841
Journal Scrap 842
Stone 843
Stone 844
Stone 845
Stone 846
Stone 847
Cinder Shard 848
Stone 849
Stone 850
Magma Cap 851
Dragon Tooth 852
Curiosity Lure 856
Tiger Slime Egg 857
Qi Gem 858
Lucky Ring 859
Hot Java Ring 860
Protection Ring 861
Soul Sapper Ring 862
Phoenix Ring 863
War Memento 864
Gourmet Tomato Salt 865
Stardew Valley Rose 866
Advanced TV Remote 867
Arctic Shard 868
Wriggling Worm 869
Pirate's Locket 870
Fairy Dust 872
Pina Colada 873
Bug Steak 874
Ectoplasm 875
Prismatic Jelly 876
Quality Bobber 877
Monster Musk 879
Combined Ring 880
Bone Fragment 881
Weeds 882
Weeds 883
Weeds 884
Fiber Seeds 885
Warp Totem: Island 886
Immunity Band 887
Glowstone Ring 888
Qi Fruit 889
Qi Bean 890
Mushroom Tree Seed 891
Warp Totem: Qi's Arena 892
Fireworks (Red) 893
Fireworks (Purple) 894
Fireworks (Green) 895
Galaxy Soul 896
Pierre's Missing Stocklist 897
Son of Crimsonfish 898
Ms. Angler 899
Legend II 900
Radioactive Carp 901
Glacierfish Jr. 902
Ginger Ale 903
Banana Pudding 904
Mango Sticky Rice 905
Poi 906
Tropical Curry 907
Magic Bait 908
Radioactive Ore 909
Radioactive Bar 910
Horse Flute 911
Enricher 913
Pressure Nozzle 915
Qi Seasoning 917
Hyper Speed-Gro 918
Deluxe Fertilizer 919
Deluxe Retaining Soil 920
Squid Ink Ravioli 921
SupplyCrate1 922
SupplyCrate2 923
SupplyCrate3 924
Slime Crate 925
Cookout Kit 926
Camping Stove 927
Golden Egg 928
Hedge 929

If you are okay with cheating and have a coop or a farm house for animals you 
can buy an animal then name it up to three item id's and you will receive the 

Basic Tips:
Written by Tricky

* Early in the game, make sure to sell stuff like foraging you find around the 
  map, or crops. you can sell stuff by putting it into in the shipping bin next 
  to your house, to get some more gold.
* Be sure to biuld a chest early to store your items in, since your inventory 
  size has 12 slots, but you can upgrade it up to 36.
* Check the calander infront of Pierre’s to keep track of birthdays
* Make sure to cary any foods that give energy, so that if you are low on energy, 
  you can eat something and avoid passing out.
* If you are very low on energy and have no food with you, nor an empty slot, make 
  sure to equip your scythe, since the scythe dosent take any of your energy. If 
  holding any other tool, and accidental clicking happens, you use more unnecessary
* When clearing your field make sure to keep some of the weet, since it is food for
  your animals. Or build a silo to store it there.
* (Remember there is no wrong way of playing Stardew valley, no matter how you 
  choose to spend your time).

How to Make Mayonnaise:
Written by Z mit Z

You want to produce Mayonnaise but dont know how? No Problem!

-=What Do I Need?=-
* Eggs (Any) and a Mayonnaise Machine.

-=How Can I Get These Items?=-
* You can get Eggs from Chickens.
* You can unlock the For Normal Mayonaise you need to put a Regular Egg, a Large 
  Egg, an Ostrich Egg or a Golden Egg in the Mayonnaise Machine Machine with Farming 
  Level 2.

To craft the Mayonnaise Machine you need: 15 Wood,15 Stones, 1 Earth Crystal and 1
Copper Bar.

-=Normal Mayonnaise=-
For Normal Mayonnaise you need to put a Regular Egg, a Large Egg, an Ostrich Egg OR 
a Golden Egg in the Mayonnaise Machine.

The Production Process takes 3 Hours. 
Now you can sell the Mayonnaise for 190g (Normal),237g (Silver),285g(Gold) or 380g (Iridium).

-=Duck Mayonnaise=-
* For Duck Mayonnaiseyou need to put a Duck Egg in the Mayonnaise Machine.
* The Production Process takes 3 Hours. Now you can sell the Duck Mayonnaise for 375g.
* There are no other Qualities than Regular.

-=Void Mayonnaise=-
* For Void Mayonnaise you need to put a Void Egg in the Mayonnaise Machine. 
* The Production Process Takes 3 you can sell the Void Mayonnaise for 275g.
* There are no other Qualities than Regular.

-=Dinosaur Mayonnaise=-
* For Dinosaur Mayonnaise you need to put a Dinosaur Egg in the Mayonnaise Machine. 
* The Production Process Takes 3 Hours. Now you can sell the Dinosaur Mayonnaise for 800g.
* There are no other Qualities than Regular.

Starter Tips:
* Save at least one of every crop of you’re going the community center route.
* Buy a training rod for fishing.
* If you wanna try fishing, tap the mouse button rather than hold it down to make the 
  fishing bar move more predictably. Tap slower to make the bar move down, tap faster 
  to make it move up.
* Theres no need to rush so dont worry about it. Do what you want to do in a day.
* Dont worry about watering your crops on the third day of the game.
* Please get home on time to sleep or you will lose lots of your hard earned gold.
* You fish and forage while your parsnips are growing, spending the profit on more 
  seeds, that you can water. Then you save up enough money to buy a chicken coop as
  that’ll provide some nice steady daily income. Then you’ll be wanting to mine and
  gather materials to make sprinklers so you don’t have to keep watering. At first 
  money will be hard to come by and should go directly into making more money, but 
  eventually you’ll have more money than you’ll need. But some of those big upgrades 
  like the 2 million gold ability to teleport home costs you a lot.
* Then there are mods that improve the game or take out the less repetitive daily 
  grind aspects. One I would recommend is Automate.
* Don’t be intimidated or disheartened by seeing other people’s farms – many have been 
  developer over dozens of hours. Go at your own pace and do what you enjoy and the 
  experience will be that much more enjoyable.

How to Catch Rare Fish:
It’s not about where to find them. It is how to catch them, as they seem to be 

* There are seafood dishes that increase your fishing skill temporarily, also a spinner 
that slows down the timer when they are off your hook (edit: trap bobber).

* The higher your fishing skill, the bigger the green bar gets, which increases your 
chances of a successful catch.

* Go to the mountain lake and get your fishing to like 3, then get some crab pots 
and use those to raise your fishing to 10 (or just fish normally to get it to ten 
but that can take a while).

* Get, the iridium rod, some trap bobblers and sure bait.

* Eat food that raises your fishing +3 so it increases your fishing bar even further 
than level 10.

* Now it should be possible to catch rare/legendary fish like 80% of the time they 
get on the hook.

* Actually you can get fishing XP with fish ponds can’t you? so yeah fishing ponds.

Seasonal Farming Guide:
Written by predoh

* Crops: Parsnip, Green Bean, Cauliflower, Potato
* Trees: Peach, Cherry
* Fishing: Sardine, Trout, Tuna
* Forage: Dandelion, Leek, Morel

* Crops: Tomatoes, Hot Peppers, Blueberries, Melons
* Trees: Apricot, Pomegranate
* Fishing: Lobster, Crayfish, Squid
* Forage: Hops, Grape, Spice Berry

* Crops: Eggplant, Pumpkin, Yam, Artichoke
* Trees: Apple, Hazelnut
* Fishing: Red Snapper, Sole, Eel
* Forage: Hazelnut, Blackberry, Chanterelle

* Crops: No crops grow in Winter
* Trees: No trees grow in Winter
* Fishing: Sardine, Squid, Lingcod
* Forage: Winter Root, Crystal Fruit, Snow Yam.

Note: Pay attention to the weather and the calendar, as they can affect crop growth. 
Additionally, soil quality, irrigation and fertilizers can also affect crop growth and 

Secret Tips and Tricks:
Written by predoh

* Save often: Save frequently to prevent losing progress in case of unexpected events 
  or accidents.
* Fish at the right time: Timing is key to catching the best fish. Pay attention to 
  the time of day and weather conditions for the best results.
* Know your crops: Each crop has a different growth time and requires different care, 
  so be sure to plan accordingly.
* Use kegs: Kegs can be used to turn excess crops into valuable artisan goods.
* Find the hidden cave: Explore the mines to find a hidden cave containing valuable 
  items and resources.
* Invest in relationships: Building relationships with villagers can lead to valuable 
  rewards, such as recipe and tool upgrades.
* Explore the abandonedJojaMart: Investigate the abandoned JojaMart for valuable
  resources and items.
* Take advantage of festivals: Festivals are a great opportunity to earn rewards, 
  socialize, and make progress on your farm.
* Keep the community center upgraded: Upgrading the Community Center will unlock 
  new features and rewards.
* Use the Statue of Uncertainty: Interact with the Statue of Uncertainty for a chance 
  to receive valuable items, gold, and other resources.

Note: Some secrets may only be unlocked after reaching a certain point in the game 
or completing specific tasks. Keep playing to discover new secrets and unlock hidden
features in Stardew Valley!

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