Star Trek - Starfleet Command 2 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Star Trek - Starfleet Command 2 
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 Star Trek - Starfleet Command 2 Cheats

Star Trek - Starfleet Command 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: long john

Cheat Method:
Use Microsoft Excel to open the file:
"C:\namedir\assets\spec\shiplist.txt". Modify the settings as you like
and save the file. Be sure to make a backup before overwriting. 

Starting Prestige:
Use a text editor to edit the "character" file in the folder:
Look for the line: 


and you can increase the number strongly, approximately to 5000000.
Now you can buy all ships and supplies.

Submitted by: rickHH

Be careful and weigh your options when attempting to use a High
Energy Turn against the enemy. It can carry the day, but it can
also disable or even destroy your ship. 

Set your tractor beams to repulse enemy missiles. It's a power 
drain, but it's better than having your phasers do the job. 

When playing team multiplayer games, be sure to gang up on one
enemy ship at a time. Keep their shields down and ignore their
friends until you've destroyed the first one, then move on to 
the rest.

Custom ship names:
Edit the following files to add custom names to your ships.

Calamari_Cruiser: \Data\Calamari_Cruiser.txt 
Generic_Star_Destroyer: \Data\Star_Destroyer.txt 
Star_Destroyer: \Data\Star_Destroyer.txt 
Star_Destroyer_Tractor_Fighters: \Data\Star_Destroyer.txt 
Corellian_Corvette: \Data\Corellian_Corvette.txt 
Corellian_Gunboat: \Data\Corellian_Gunboat.txt 
Broadside_Class_Cruiser: \Data\Broadside_Class_Cruiser.txt 
Marauder_Missile_Cruiser: \Data\Marauder_Missile_Cruiser.txt 
Nebulon_B_Frigate: \Data\Nebulon_B_Frigate.txt 
Alliance_Assault_Frigate: \Data\Alliance_Assault_Frigate.txt 
Victory_Destroyer_No_Fighters: \Data\Victory_Destroyer.txt 
Victory_Destroyer: \Data\Victory_Destroyer.txt 
Acclamator_Assault_Ship: \Data\Acclamator_Assault_Ship.txt
Interdictor_Cruiser: \Data\Interdictor_Cruiser.txt

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