Star Trek - Starship Creator Warp II Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Star Trek - Starship Creator Warp II 
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 Star Trek - Starship Creator Warp II Cheats

Star Trek - Starship Creator Warp II

Submitted by: Adam

Note: Star Trek Hidden Evil is required for this trick.  
Go to an Admiral and then to the fleet screen. Go to "Import Ship" 
and double click the shortcut to Star Trek Hidden Evil.  The game 
will respond that there are too many errors and quit.  Go back to 
the programand go to the fleet screen.  Go to the new Insurrection
ship and immediately decommission it. 
You will receive about 29292992992 credits.

Note:do not make any Changes in the ship or it will not work!

Submitted by: rickHH

If a system is more expensive, that means it's better built. If you're 
using one of the lower-end starships, go for the high-quality parts. 

Include plenty of Holodecks to keep morale high, and don't 
keep your crew crammed too close together in the living quarters. 

Don't forget to install special weapons systems, such as Photon 
Torpedo launch bays. 

Old-school Starfleet personnel cost more credits, but their 
experience is worth it. 

When importing JPEG photographs for new crew members, keep 
their size at approximately 400 by 600 pixels. 

180,000,000 credits and a free ship:
Submitted by: conner54

In order for this trick to work, you must own the original Starship Creator or 
the add-on pack. Create a shortcut on your desktop for either the original 
Starship Creator or the add-on pack, and then go into Starship Creator - Warp 2. 
Go to the fleet screen and click on "Import Ship". A window will appear. 
Click "Desktop" on that window to bring up a list of desktop icons that you 
have on your computer. Double click on either the original Starship Creator 
icon or the add-on pack icon. A message stating that too many errors have occurred 
will appear, and that it will shut down. Go back into the game, and check your 
fleet screen. You should have a Sovereign-class variant ship called the USS 
Insurrection. Decommission it, and you will get over 180 million credits. 
If you want the cash and the ship, repeat the process, but do not decommission 
the ship. If you get greedy and repeat this process three times and decommission 
all three ships, your credits will go down to zero.

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