Star Trek Voyager - Elite Force Expansion Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Star Trek Voyager - Elite Force Expansion 
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 Star Trek Voyager - Elite Force Expansion Cheats

Star Trek Voyager - Elite Force Expansion

Update by: Dj Simo
Submitted by: nightraider

Press ` to display the console, then type sp_cheats 1 to enable cheat mode. 
Then, enter one of the following codes.
However, cheats cannot be enabled in multi-player mode. 

Result                           Code 
Toggle God mode                - god  
999 health and armor           - undying  
No clipping                    - noclip  
Invisibility                   - notarget  
All weapons                    - give weapons  
Third person view enabled      - cg_thirdperson 1  
Third person view disabled     - cg_thirdperson 0  
Set third person view range    - cg_thirdpersonrange 
Level select                   - map 
Hidden intermission sequence   - map _brig
Enable cheats for level        - devmap 
Change name                    - name 
Change character model         - model 
Views ending credits           - ui_closingcredits
List FMV sequences             - dir video
Get weapon                     - give weaponnum 
Suicide                        - kill
Restart video engine           - vid_restart
Deactivate cheat mode          - sv_cheats 0

for 'name' type in the mapname - map 'name'  
for 'item' type in itemname    - give 'item' 

Item List:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Compression Rifle
Tetryon Disruptor
Compression Rifle
Scavenger Rifle
IMOD (infinity modulator)
Stasis Weapon
Grenade Launcher
Photon Burst
Dreadnought Weapon
Paladin Weapon
Desperado Weapon
Klingon Blade
Bot welder 
Bot laser 
Bot rocket 
Forge proj 
Forge psych 
Borg weapon

Map Names:
Submitted by: Dj Simo
BORG1     - The Rescue 
BORG2     - Incursion
HOLODECK  - Tactical Decision
VOY1      - Condition
VOY2      - Unavoidable Delays
VOY3      - Hazard Duty
VOY4      - Defense
VOY5      - Hazard Ops
STASIS1   - Data Retrieval
STASIS2   - Deep Echoes
STASIS3   - Encounters
VOY6      - Renewal
VOY7      - Union
VOY8      - Departure
SCAV1     - The Visit
SCAV2     - Dangerous Ground
SCAV3     - Conflicting Views
SCAV3b    - Conflicting Views (pt 2)
SCAV4     - Disorder
SCAV5     - Infiltration
SCAVBOSS  - The Hunter
VOY9      - Fallout
BORG3     - Proving Ground
BORG4     - Information
BORG5     - Covenant
BORG6     - Infestation
VOY13     - R and R
VOY14     - Visual Confirmation
VOY15     - Offense
DN1       - The Breach
DN2       - Command
DN3       - Primary Encounter
DN4       - The Skirmish
DN5       - Defensive Measures
TRAIN     - Transit
DN6       - Attunement
DN8       - Array
VOY16     - Invasion
VOY17     - Decisions
FORGE1    - External Stimuli
FORGE2    - Matrix
FORGE3    - Onslaught 
FORGE4    - Visual Magnitude
FORGE5    - Dissolution
FORGEBOSS - Command Decision
VOY20     - Epilogue

Easy cheat activation:
To bind commands to key, display the console window and type 
bind   (for example: bind n noclip). 

Reaching Deck 15:
To reach Deck 15, you have to go to Deck 4 and transport to Site 8.

Landing struts:
On Deck 15, you will notice a small control panel in front of a 
window tucked away into a small corner. Activating this control 
panel will cause a loud noise and also lower the landing struts. 
Look out the window to see them being lowered. 

Completing the Virtual Voyager mission: 
The following is information needed to complete the Virtual Voyager mission.

Location of Elite Force Action Figures

As you obtain them, they automatically relocate to your quarters 
1. Mess Hall-On a table by the replicator.
2. Computer Core-On the floor opposite the computer terminal. 
3. Chakotay's Office-Level 3, On the couch.
4. Brig-Hazard Ops Level 4, shut off force field via terminal to access.
5. Astrometrics-On the holographic display platform.
6. Cargo Bay-In the back of the Bay, on a cargo container.
7. Shuttle Bay-On a container in the access hallway to the docking clamps.
8. Engineering-On the floor on the upper level, behind the warp core.
9. Sickbay-On the floor in a corridor outside, tucked in a small corner 
   where crewmen are working. 

Secret item list:
The following is a list of the secret items and how to access them. 
Players should first enter the computer core and obtain access codes 
for the entire ship; this allows access to all crew quarters. 

1. Harvester Leg: Located in the Mess Hall, enter the refrigerator behind 
   Neelix's work station to obtain. 
2. Elite Force Poster: Located in a locker in the Hazard Ops locker room, 
   you need to jump into the locker and then crouch to approach it. 
3. Grenade Laucher: Located in Biessman's Locker in the Hazard Ops Locker room, 
   access as above. 
4. 7 of 9 Collector's Plate: Located in Neelix's quarters, Deck 2. 
5. Stasis Fireflys: Locted in Chell's Quarters, Deck 4. Approach them to 
   collect them. 
6. Tetryon Disruptor: Located in the Jeffries Tube in the Shuttle Bay, use the 
   hand phaser to break the glass and gain access to the Tube. 
7. Biessman in Morgue: Access the control panel in the back room of Sick Bay 
   where the Crewman is working, the door to a Morgue chamber will open and 
   Biessman will exit, attempting to scare you. 
   For the remainder of the items you will need to beam the cargo containers off 
   the Hazard Ops transporter pad to gain usage to the Transporter itself. To use 
   the Transporter, access the Transporter terminal, select the desired location 
   and "engage." The computer will prompt you to step on the Transporter Pad to 
   energize, you will then beam to the target location. 
8. Arc Welder: After beaming away the cargo containers, exit the Transporter 
   room and walk to the Cargo Bay on Deck 4 near the Hazard Ops Crew Quarters 
   and jump up the containers you just beamed in, to the rack, it's on the upper
   rack opposite the Jeffries Tube you cannot seem to access. 
9. Borg Slayer: The video game developed by the poor crewman assigned to Deck 15, 
   you need to use the Transporter and beam into the very bottom of the ship. It 
   is located in the center of the room where he is working. (You can access his 
   computer terminal and lower the ship's landing gear as well, but it serves no 
   relevant purpose.) You do not have to play Borg Slayer to obtain it, simply 
   approach the terminal. 
10. Raven Wall Plaque: Located on the wall, in the same room as the Borg Slayer, 
    if your looking at the terminal, it's over your left shoulder. 
11. Photon Burst: Use the Transporter to beam into the Cargo Bay, you will be on 
    the catwalk you couldn't gain access to using the doorway to enter. It is on 
    the catwalk, you will need to jump down, onto containers, to get off the 
    After all items are located you can go back to your quarters on Deck 2 and look  
    at all the items you have pilfered. Seven will placate your ego a second time, 
    as you enter. 

1. Activating the Red Alert on the Bridge only makes Janeway and Chakotay mad. 
2. Activating the Self Destruct will only get you shot by Chakotay and Ensign Kim. 
3. Speaking to Seven in Astrometrics after you access each image in the computer 
   will provide clues about the ship, she may become annoyed, however. 
4. You do not need to finish all the missions in the holodeck to complete the 
   "access holodeck" portion of Virtual Voyager.

Unknown white room:
Submitted by: rockguy32

On the deck with the mess hall, use noclip (console command) and fly out the window of your quarters. 
There will be a white room where you find Seven and some action figures.

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