Star Wars - Dark Forces Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Star Wars - Dark Forces 
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 Star Wars - Dark Forces Cheats

Star Wars - Dark Forces
Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Enter one of the following codes while controlling Kyle to enable 
the cheat function. 

Result                                    Code  
Insect mode                             - labug  
Full map                                - lacds  
Display coordinates                     - ladata  
Full invincibility                      - laimlame  
5 AP mines and one or two extra weapons - labrady  
Full items, weapons, and ammo           - lamaxout  
Teleport to current map position        - lantfh  
Disable height checking                 - lapogo  
All weapons, shield, and health         - lapostal  
Supercharge weapons                     - larandy  
Enemies freeze when killed.             - laredlite  
Full inventory                          - launlock  
Level skip                              - laskip  

Disable FMV sequences, briefing, and agent menu 
Start the game with the -c0 command line parameter. 

Run specific level:
Start the game with the -l[level name] command line parameter.

Enable screen shots:
Start the game with the -shots command line parameter. Press [Print Screen] 
to save the current screen as "scrsht##.pcx" in PCX format. 

Hold `at the map screen. Select a destination with the cursor keys and type 

Level select:
Enter one of the following codes while controlling Kyle to jump 
to the level. 

Level  Title                       Code  
 1   Secret Base                 - lasecbase  
 2   Taley: Tek Base             - lataley  
 3   Anoat City (sewers)         - lasewers  
 4   Weapons Research Factory    - latestbase  
 5   Gromas Mines                - lagromas  
 6   Detention Center            - ladtention  
 7   Ramees Head Docking Station - laremshed  
 8   Robotic Factory             - larobotics  
 9   Nar Shaddaar                - lanarshada  
10   Jabba's Ship                - lajabship  
11   Imperial Ship               - laimpcity  
12   Fuel Station                - lafuelstat  
13   The Executer                - laexecuter  
14   The Arc Hammer              - laarc

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