Star Wars - Droid Works Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Star Wars - Droid Works 
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 Star Wars - Droid Works Cheats

Star Wars - Droid Works

Cheat Codes:
Press [ENTER], type the code, then press [ENTER] again.

Code             Result 
chewbacca      - All Droid Parts 
staying alive  - God Mode 
storm          - Full Battery 
lockandload    - Laser Gun 
bubbles        - Secret Parts 
beefcake       - Refill Droid Power 
beem           - Fly Mode 
danke          - Full Health 
fitto          - All Driod Parts 
getem          - Full Inventory 
gogo           - Super Speed 
mst3k          - Enable All Movies 
somoney        - Enable All Missions 
tardis         - Hit Backspace Plus 1-9 to Teleport
defcon1        - Sets highlighted mission to Apprentice rank 
defcon2        - Sets highlighted mission to Designer rank 
defcon 3       - Finish Mission on Master 
unfo           - Debug mode

NOTE: Some cheats are entered from the Options screen and others
only during missions. 

Assasin droids are easy to escape but if you get too close they'll zap 
you! The best way to escape them is to jump on a crate.

Programmer name in lights:
Start the Salvage Yard mission. After rescuing the injured Jawa, you will travel 
through the building until you reach a large archway. On the other side and to the
right, you will see two boxes stacked up. Climb on these boxes to a narrow catwalk
with a blue battery. Collect the battery and continue to the end of the catwalk. 
Turn left, then walk through the wall to enter a hidden corridor. Turn left again
and walk down the corridor to where it darkens. You will find the name "DOUG" on 
the right side in large, neon green letters. This was placed here by Doug Shannon,
one of the game's level designers.

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