Star Wars - Battle For Naboo Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Star Wars - Battle For Naboo 
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 Star Wars - Battle For Naboo Cheats

Star Wars - Battle For Naboo

Cheat Codes:
ROHIT, Submitted the following Information:

press backspace and type; 
BULLS EYE - this will perfect your aim

Submitted by: rickHH
Go to Options/Passcodes and use the codes from the 
list (you will hear a short click if cheat was accepted). 

Code       Result
JHGNRGAS - Access All Levels 
FMRYLDAD - Dark Side Level 
EOWXZGAS - Team Photo 
DIWMZIAR - Show Credits 
HRDTOKIL - Advanced Shields 
LFZWKXAA - Unlimited Lives 
XFIIYBAY - SwampSpeeder 
JOBXXFAI - Art Gallery 
RECTVBAH - Concert Hall 
CXSJMIAA - Single Shot Kills 
ABVUSEAY - Heat Seek Function (Use Secondary Fire) 
NASTYMDE - Harder Mode 

Result                              Code 
one hit and you are dead          - CXSJMIAA
swamp speeder                     - XFIIYBAY
(only works on sertian levels)
sith infiltrator                  - FRBPTDAY
(only works on sertain levels)
aat tank                          - RQORACAQ   
(only works on sertain levels)
heat secer missiles               - ABVUSEAY
concert hall                      - RECTVBAH
art gallery                       - JOBXXFAI
(both concert and art are in a show room   
menu in the options menu)
double your secondary weapon      - UYCZNCAX
infinate lives per level          - LFZWKXAA
all naboo type craft unlock       - NIZWAGAO
(does not unlock the aat or infiltrator)
unlock levels no bonus            - GPAYQWAJ
view credits                      - DIWMZIAR
development group                 - EOWXZGAS
dark side bonus level             - FMRYLDAD
all levels + infiltrator bonus    - JHGNRGAS

Advanced bombs:
Can be unlocked in "Glacial Grave" level, on the opposite branch
of the river that leads to the gunboat hanger. 

Advanced missiles:
Can be unlocked at the beginning of the "The Smugglers Alliance" 
level. Help the civilians, even though the captain tells you not 
to. A speeder will come out of a homestead. Protect it and it will
lead you to a farm with the upgrade. 

Homing torpedoes:
Can be unlocked in the "Borvo the Hutt" level. Go northwest of 
the first battle to find a village among the trees and the upgrade.

Rapid fire lasers:
Can be unlocked near the end of "Sancuatary" level. There is a 
small valley to the right of the main valley. Inside is a volcano
and a strange "fairy" object. The upgrade is behind it. 

Cluster Seeker missiles:
In the second secret stage, turn right immediately after starting 
to find a brown striped building. Enter the hole in front of it 
and turn left immediately before the path turns to the right. 
You will see it to your left. 

Federation Secrets secret level:
Successfully complete the standard levels with all bronze medals. 

Coruscant Encounter secret level:
Successfully complete the standard levels with all silver medals. 

Dark Side secret level:
Successfully complete the standard levels with all gold medals. 

Sith Infiltrator:
You can play as the Sith Infiltrator once you access the third 
secret level, "The Dark Side". You can use the Sith Infiltrator
in levels where you can use the Naboo Starfighter. 

AAT and Swamp Speeder:
Get all platinum medals to unlock the AAT and the Swamp Speeder.
The Swamp Speeder is a fast Republican ship and looks like a 
flash speeder in boat version. It moves very fast and it can 
shoot two lasers simultaneously at an extremely fast rate. Its
secondary weapon is a heavy laser, just like the Gian Speeder.
The AAT is the Trade Federation battle droid tank. The AAT is 
fairly slow and shoots two lasers simultaneously a medium-slow
rate. Its secondary weapon are projectile bombs. 

Platinum medals:
It is also possible to earn a platinum medal by completing a 
level, including the secret levels, very successfully. 

Diamond medals:
Successfully complete a level with very sharp accuracy, a high 
number of kills, three lives, all friendly saves, and a very 
short time. 

Disruption Of Comm 4: Platinum medal: 
To increase the number of destroyed enemies, do not destroy the 
shield projectors as you were ordered. Instead, begin firing 
your blasters repeatedly at the Comm Satellite. Each shot that
hits it counts for a destroyed enemy. To make sure you get 
enough, you should continue to do so for a minute or two. When
you think you have gotten enough (150-300), bring down the 
satellite's shields by flying towards the large tan-colored moon.
You should reach a mine field surrounding what would have been 
your last projector to destroy. Just fly within range of a mine
so that it shoots at you. Either by glitch or secret, this 
disables the satellite's shields. Then, just return to the 
satellite and hit it with your torpedoes -- you should have all
of them left. If you do not get the platinum medal, the game 
will not show you how good your stats need to be, so you have
to just try it a few times. You will not have to worry about 
friendly saves, your shot percentage should be easy, and you 
are never really in danger until the shields go down. 

Disruption Of Comm 4: Diamond medal: 
The following are estimated requirements for the Diamond Medal in 
Disruption of Comm 4. The values in parentheses are estimates of 
what is required. 

Time: 3:52 (less than 4:00)
Enemies destroyed: 136 (more than 120)
Accuracy: 93% (more than 90%)
Saves: 4
Bonus: No
Lives: 3

Submitted by: Annihilator Extreme

These are upgrades hidden in Star Wars:Battle For Naboo which are not 
mentioned in your database.

to get advanced shields, when the captain is being ambushed by the 
AAT and the 3-4 Destroyers, after blasting the AAT, go in the chamber
whose entrance the AAT was blocking. The upgrade is in there.

In Liberation of Camp 4, after blasting the last shield, follow a 
narrow passage into the hill with your Gian Speeder and take the 

Tip: To check if an upgrade is present in the level, achieve a silver 
medal and then it will tell you whether an upgrade is required for 
the gold medal. 

Submitted by: Omnix

Easy way how to get a Gold medal in Queens gambit mission 
When you will get to the hangar do not take Naboo bomber, take Naboo
starfighter. Then if you have cluster seeker torpedoes, you can easily 
destroy the convoy and you will get gold medal.


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