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  Hints and Tips for: Star Wars - Trilogy 
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 Star Wars - Trilogy Cheats

Star Wars - Trilogy

Submitted by:  Rahul Shirke

Type in these codes at the menu for extra stuff:
forcefoto:      Photo Gallery
forcegroove:    Music Gallery
forcecinema:    Movie Gallery
forcedummy:     Expanded Databank
forceeditor:    Game Editor

Type in these codes at the jedi/sith menu:
forceweapon:    All Weapons
forcehealthy:   Full Health
forcefull:      Full Force
forcepower:     Makes you the most powerful Jedi/Sith
forcewimps:     Makes your enemies weak
forcething:     All Things and Items
forcegod:       God Mode

Type in these codes at the pilot menu:
forcegod:       God Mode
forceupgrade:   Your craft is fully upgraded
forcebest:      Best craft in the group
forcegroup:     All craft groups
forceflyer:     Makes enemies weak
forcespeed:     Fast craft
forcearmed:     Armed craft

Type in these codes at the mechcommander menu:
forcegod:       God Mode
forceupgrade:   Fully Upgraded Mech
forcepower:     Most Powerful Mech
forcearmor:     Most Armored Mech
forceweapon:    Most Armed Mech
forcecolors:    Colourful Mechs

Type in these codes at the trooper menu:
forcetgod:      Team God Mode
forcetjedi:     Team Jedi Mode
forcetwin:      Instant Win
forcetpower:    Highly Fast,Armed,Armored, Flying Troopers
forcettoggle:   Toggle between different trooper types
forcetwacky:    Stupid Troopers and Enemies
forcetwhack:    Toggle between colored troopers

Unlock Picture Gallery:
Win the Trooper Campaign

Unlock Movie Gallery:
Win the Mech Campaign

Unlock Music Gallery:
Win the Pilot Campaign

Unlock Expanded Databank:
Win the Jedi/Sith Campaign

Unlock Game Editor:
Win the all-round Campaign

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