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  Hints and Tips for: Stash 
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 Stash Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginner's Guide:
Written by Martakus.

This guide is intended for a person brand new to Stash. As the game has 
gone f2p as of September 2017 there is a large influx of newcomers.

So you step into the game then what? Here are a few common questions 
more so than a guide.

In general slow down, spend the time to investigate your options. What makes 
your character better? What equipment, skills, items, crafting options and 
so forth. After a couple hundred hours spent on the game I find that trying 
to race through at a sprint when it is more of a marathon does not help. 

This is a quick short guide, not meant to be exhaustive.

Movement is something like that on a tabletop game in real life. Your counter 
moves in those directions based on a path you can select with the left click 
of a mouse. Click close by it will be a short path. Click 20 squares away it 
will take a bit. Click a bunch of times and it figures a new path each time. 
That will be odd to almost anyone brand new to the game. Learn to click in 
shorter distances or go with the flow and click longer away.

If your broke or brand new there is an Inn at town. It is slow but does work 
for both mana and health. Stand there, thatís it. To leave the Inn press 8 or
look at your action bar and you will see a door. Thatís it. 
After you gain some wealth buy food in large quantities. That food will improve 
your stats as well after level 5. I believe the way it works now at 6 you will 

Spells from a Healer also heal you during combat. 

Potions also have various effects. Some heal, some rejuvenate mana, some do both. 
Some increase stats for Ĺ hour as an example.

Death until level 5 carries with it no exp debt. This happens later on in 
increasing painful moments as you level up. Die at level 6 and you might owe 
a few hundred exp, die at level 10 you might owe 6,000 as an example. 

Experience Debt in this game is not like others. Half the exp you gain will go
to the debt, half will progress you towards your exp goal regardless if you 
owe 50,000 exp debt or none. In this fashion you do not get disheartened and 
can move ahead even if the pace is slower.

Monetary Wealth is gained by selling close to everything early on. Your chosen 
class will not be able to use certain items anyway. Sell them for coin to purchase 
food most likely. Every item you harvest or gain through combat can be sold through
NPCís in town or through your Stall in your own Base Of Operations (BOO)

Base Of Operations or "BOO" is the place outside the city (for now) which allow 
you to do some crafting, build some farming gardens, work with more inventory 
through your Stash and so forth. As you increase the size of the BOO it will allow
for more interior rooms and various decorating options. 

There is a Stash for inventory, the outside and eventually interior space for 
crafting tables, processing stations and the like, in addition there is your 
sales Stall.

Partying allows for characters to join together following one individual around. 
The leader can choose to increase or decrease the difficulty of Random Dungeons 
on the map. This is done through the Party Tab. 
The maximum party size I believe is 6.

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