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  Hints and Tips for: State of Decay 
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 State of Decay Cheats

State of Decay

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

-=Follow these steps=-
* First off you’ll need to have Notepad++ or some other text editor that allows you to 
  make a .cfg file.
* Go to Steam\SteamApps\common\State of Decay\Game
* Create the "System.cfg" file with the following codes inside it.

zm_disableNPCTargeting = 1
zm_showInfestations = 1
zm_playerInvisible = 1
pl_infinite_health = 1
pl_infinite_stamina = 1

* Launch the game, you will be invincible and invisible.

Sunflowers Vs. Zeds:
Pictured at the top of the page, a scene of the popular tower defense game Plants vs. 
Zombies can be seen in a backyard west of the Ascension Church.

Everything’s coming up Milhouse!:
Listen, some of your survivor’s a Simpsons fans. This random line is spoken sometimes by 
Sam, sometimes by others. No matter what, it’s hilarious. This immortal line was spoken 
by the eponymous Milhouse in the Season 10 episode "Mom and Pop Art" after his flood pants
kept his cuffs dry during a flood.

Simon & Nick Landscaping:
Scattered around town are signs advertising their work. This is a reference to Simon 
Pegg and Nick Frost, the two actors that played schlubby heroes in the horror-comedy 
Shaun of the Dead.

Grimes for Sheriff Poster:
If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, you’ll recognize the name Rick Grimes. The former
Sheriff’s Deputy never got a chance to run for Sheriff in the comic or the TV show.

Campbell Used Autos:
Cult B-movie fans love him; Bruce Campbell’s name became synonymous with the undead
thanks to his portrayal as Ash in the Evil Dead Trilogy.

Kirkman / Savini Residence & Snyder Trucking:
Three more references; Robert Kirkman is the creator of The Walking Dead. Tom Savini
is the make-up and special effects artist behind George Romero’s most famous zombie 
movies. Speaking of George Romero, Zack Snyder re-made his opus Dawn of the Dead and
earned his place in the zombie pantheon.

Xbox 360 Owner:
Found that Plants vs. Zombies display in the backyard? Look inside the house itself 
to find an Xbox 360 slim in the bedroom.

The #1 Rule:
For reaching 7-stars in the Cardio attribute, players can earn this achievement. What
was the lead character of Zombieland’s #1 Rule in case of a zombie apocalypse? Cardio.

Unlockable Avatar Rewards:
Shark Hoodie          - Unlocked if you train another enclave at your dojo.
Swine and Bovine Mask - Unlocked if you build an outpost in a Swine & Bovine.
Zombie Mask           - Unlocked if you visit the cabins by Tanner Lake.

Scavenge Exploit:
You can duplicate resources if you plan ahead. As you search for supplies, occasionally
you will find Heath, Ammo, Fuel, or Food in packs. Once you do, press DOWN on the d-pad
and you can choose "Call for scavengers" to call someone to search the area. When you 
receive confirmation that someone is on the way, grab the resource pack. When the 
scavenger arrives, that same will be snagged a second time, in spite of the fact that
you just took it. In this manner, you can obtain twice the supplies you should have 

Stuck Car Horn:
As you are driving a vehicle, you can press and hold the left thumbstick to activate 
your vehicle's horn. Continue holding that button and press the BACK button to bring 
up the map. The car horn should still be sounding at that point. Now let go of the 
thumbstick and press BACK again. The horn should continue to blare, and will do so 
until you press in on the thumbstick again. This could prove useful in distraction 

Dawn Of The Dead references:
The Savini residence is a reference to Tom Savini, who was responsible for the make-up 
and special effects in Dawn Of The Dead and its sequels. The Snyder Trucking business 
is a reference to Zack Snyder, who remade Dawn Of The Dead.

Easy, Early Cardio Stat Grinding!
When starting a new game, head to the Ranger Station until you're in the "Safe Zone" 
(aka that circle on the map where zombies cannot spawn/respawn). Once in the parking lot
of the Ranger Station, either run to the left or to the right while turning the camera 
in the direction you're running. Once stamina is depleted, stop and rest till it fills 
back up. Repeat and watch the Cardio levels rise! This will take some time but seeing as
the opening section of the game doesn't have any zombies worse than the normal ones 
(plus day cycles don't occur until AFTER you get to the church) this is a great time to
build up this particular stat, thus giving you a heads up seeing as how important stamina
is for such things as running, climbing walls, and melee fighting.

Exceeding the maximum number of outposts:
After moving to a big home base (County Fair, or Snyder Truck Warehouse) with 8 outposts,
you can set them all up around whatever base you plan to move to before you actually move.
If you're moving into a base with a low maximum outpost count (usually for scavenging 
reasons), make sure you have all 8 in place where you want them before you move, and then
move to a place with a lower maximum outpost count. You will still have all 8 outposts!

Easy cardio:
At the start of a new game, go to the "safe zone" of the Ranger Station (the circle on the
map where zombies cannot spawn/respawn). When you are in the parking lot of the Ranger 
Station, either run to the left or right while turning the camera in the direction you are
running. When stamina is depleted, stop and rest until it completely refills. Repeat this 
process to continue to increase your cardio level. This process takes a while, but since 
the opening section of the game does not contain any tough zombies (plus day cycles do not
occur until after you reach the church), this is a great time to build up the cardio stat.
Having a high cardio level will give you more stamina for things such as running, climbing
walls, and melee fighting.

Extra Resources:
This works best if you have a vehicle. Start by looking for desired materials, such as 
construction materials, fuel, or medicine. Gather items and place them in your vehicle,
except for a ruck sack's worth of material. Now, call for a scavenger. When you are 
advised that the scavenger is on the way, pick up the last bit of material and place it
within your vehicle. The scavenger should arrive soon and will search and find a ruck 
sack containing that last item you had set aside. Now you can return to base with an 
extra set.

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