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  Hints and Tips for: Stayin' Alive 
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 Stayin' Alive Cheats

Stayin' Alive

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Playing as Saviors:
An important thing when playing as a savior is to keep track of the suiciders 
and the materials around you. You donít want your opponent to run too far off,
where you do not know what that little bugger is up to!

* Collecting and using sedatives on the suiciders, so you can freely drag them
  to the isolation room, is your main priority since it is the way you score 
  points. Try to always keep at least a sedative with you!
* Pay attention to which items the suiciders are carrying: if they are driving 
  around with gasoline, you probably wanna get a fire extinguisher asap!
* You can pick up weapons as well, so steal them from the suiciders!

Playing as Suiciders:
There is more than a handful of ways to commit suicide in the game, and they
are all performed by collecting matching materials, which will then enable 
you to craft one of the death weapons, and use them on yourself!

* Saviors will try to stop you from suiciding, so stay away from them! 
  Try to escape and make them run out of stamina, so they canít keep up 
  with you.
* Try hiding the cures for your desired death weapon, and then sit back and 
  laugh at the panicking saviors while you commit suicide in peace!
* If You are playing in a team, try to coordinate with your teammates to 
  craft different death-weapons!

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