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  Hints and Tips for: Stick Arena 
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 Stick Arena Cheats

Stick Arena

Easy ranks:
Create a private game named anything. No one should know what it is called. Wait 
for five minutes, then the game is up. Your score gets added because you are in 
first place all the time.

Submitted by: jordan

How u spin so easy first u get a sword then hit then pull your self and thats it 
im out.

Submitted by: Chris

At the main menu where it says start just press "abcdefy" and you will start out 
with a rocket launcher!

Submitted by: Etienne Deshaies-Samson

Say in the chat room "I'm a hacker and i'm proud of it" and you'll have infinity health.

Submitted by: nikko62

Start any game and get a weapon or just use your punches,i request a machine gun.then 
fire,keep it holding then get it out the screen then release your fire and get in the 
screen.then your gun or punches are autofire mode!!!!

Submitted by: adrian

If you get a bad score (such as 4th place) just right click in the border and press 
reload/refresh and your bad score won't be registered.

Submitted by: Andrew

when your in the game get a gun or weapon and go into the arena and hold down the fire 
button then exit the screen and let go of the fire button then go into the arena again 
and you will have ultimate fire-rate!

Submitted by: Bryce~ =p Cooper.,.,,2008

Go to the back of the hammer room past the hammer and get aginst the wall a.k. or shotgun 
recomended and wait for someone to come to the entrance and fire they cannot see you so 
kill kill kill kill and thats it homedogs im out.
P.S. i hope it works

Submitted by: Bryceismojo

Iin the green liberenth walk up to a wall and punch it should break apart hey it did 4 
me hope it does for u toodaloo

Submitted by: Cheat Finder

First:Go to leader board and hold it, and than right click 2 time, and you will teleport 
to the game's start point with full health.

Submitted by: michael bitch

Go to the mainpage ofthe game and when you do press r,5,4,a,b,c,fire then you will have 
a Rocket lancher

Through walls:
Type "schonsm" at the options menu to unlock all spells have the ability to walk through 

Rocket launcher:
At the chat room, hold "Ctrl" and press "W". The next game you start,
you will have a rocket launcher.

Submitted by: GIM

say "i like hacking i always pwn" and you will be able to walk through walls, all the 
weapons are super fast even sledge hammer and you will have infinate health

Submitted by: Condalistokmin a.k.a con

at the chat room say "i win and i am the best" and you will get unlimited everything 
and full speed.

Submitted by: cash

Press "im nicer than all of you" and u will have a rocket launcher. peace i hope 
it works for it does for me.

Submitted by: jj

Wall glitch then go all the way up the u will get stuck make sure you get a sword 
then type has left the arena then when some one goes by srike them im out thats it im out

Submitted by. c1h2r3i4s

Start a game, then as soon as the battle starts, press "F5".

Submitted by: serpent

Once you have a rocket launcher fire it at a wall in xgen hq and it will put you in a 
wierd place.

Submitted by: yo mama

This is not helpful but is pretty cool.
on 1 of the levels there is a glitch
in 1 of the corners keep going in a triangle and u will get stuck in the wall 
(u have 2 do it a lot)
just dont use a gun cuz it wont work

or if ur a hacker (which u dont even need 2 play stickarena) then get sum1 2 have a 
sledge hammer and on any levels stand next 2 the wall and tell them 2 hit u (u need 2 
use infinite health 4 this 2 work) and u will go in the wall
again, dont use a gun cuz it wont work

Submitted by: lanthos668

ok heres a cheat that noones has ever used befor first go in someones game then hide 
somewere then type in ny'sfinestyo in the messege box people won't see it coz its a 
cheat it will give you inf health and one more is a killing glitch type in gotthemrachets 
in the messege box then its will give you 1mil kills.......laterz P.S the only i know 
these cheats is becoz i created stick arena with the company.

Submitted by: Tyshooter

Ok... This is a tipe for da wall glitch im not a hacker or anything but i know mostly 
everything for da wall glitch. First heres a tip this eveen works in stickarena ballistick 
a.k.a. new stickarena but in new stickarena itz harder u should use a hammer or no wepon 
aka punching to go in da wall itz a lot!!!!!!! Easier to do da wall glitch. Trust me!!!! 
i use shotgun and glock/pistol too. So u might wanna no but probobly dont want to know.
Well dats all peace out ppl.

Floor Thirteen Glock Technique:
Submitted by: Ballistick.Proz.Dude

Ok here is a Floor Thirteen Glock Room Technique. Go in the room and get the glock then 
stand on the back of that room. (You might not get seen if you have a small spinner). 
Now when anyone goes up or down that hallway you can shoot them and they might not even 
know where the bullet came from. This is a little hint and it mostly works.

Wall Glitch:
Submitted by: Dean

ok in stick arena grab any weapon shot gun works best but a bat is the best to use and im 
going to tell why go in a corner go up and down ok your in now when someone comes they 
woul come by you and bam you get them.

Submitted by: dachasbalin1317

In xgen hq go to the sledgehammer room and hit the toilet one time then the wall on your 
right 2 times (the toilet will then break but that tells you it worked)then a room will 
open. in that room there will be a rocket lancher,a rail gun, a mini gun, and a chansaw. 
all of them will be a one shot or hit kill(if your rank 8 or higher it will give you fast 
running and constant full health also people will not see you thats it it worked for me 
hope it does for you friend works at the company of stick arena and he knows all 
glitches see ya later punks.

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