Stick RPG 2 CS Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Stick RPG 2 CS 
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 Stick RPG 2 CS Cheats

Stick RPG 2 CS

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Unlockable - Here:
* Go to starbucks in the early morning (before 10am). 
* She gives you a text book. 
* Go to the university. 
* Talk to the green guy and give him the book. 
* He gives you a calculator. 
* Go to Skye's Bar (on the second screen) at night. 
* Talk to Kate and give her the calculator. 
* She gives you the mechanical pencil. 
* Go to the university in the afternoon (after 10am). 
* Give Kate the pencil. 
* She should give you the watch. 
* Go to the casino and trade the watch for the ring. 
* When your intelligence is high enough, give the ring to Kate 
  outside of the university in the evening. 
* Again, she moves in and you gain +1 Charm per day.

Save Gamble Risk Money Increase:
This trick helps you get good starting cash from 1k-100k in 1 hour max (reccomended
for starting players looking for fast cash.) 
1.Get at least 1k cash. 
2.Go to the casino. 
3.Save your game on the x-phone. 
4.Play either the blackjack or unicorn race (pick unicornelius for unicorn race 1:3) 
  and bet all your cash. (Unicorn race better chance of winning but you will get 1/3 
  the amount winning for ex: you bet 1k and you win 1.75k while Black Jack doubles 
  cash but harder chance of winning) 
5.If you win/increase your cash stack save the game on x-phone immediately. Tip- Be 
  smart and dont constantly bet the highest amount, if you have a win streak bet low
  for once so you lose, and then bet high you win (statistics show win:lose 1/3)
6.If you lose then exit the page and log in back from another page.

WARNING: DO NOT SAVE AFTER YOU LOST 7.Continuously performing this trick can triple 
your cash in 20-30minutes.

Stickbucks Guide:
STR = Strength, INT = Intelligence, CHM = Charm, and KMA = Karma.

* Stickbucks: Stickbucks Employee (No requirements)
* Positions:
* Stick Buccaneer: (Salary: $5 / Normal Event: You wiped the tables and swept the floor.)
* Topping Whipper: (Salary: $7 / Normal Event: You made milk foamy.)
* Milk Steamer: (Salary: $9 / Normal Event: You made milk steamy.)
* Coffee Courier: (Salary: $11 / Normal Event: You served people coffee.)
* Decaf Disher: (Salary: $13 / Normal Event: You dealt decafs.)
* Latte Layer: (Salary: $15 / Normal Event: You laid the latte.)
* Espresso Express: (Salary: $17 / Normal Event: You were flying making those espressos.)
* Sugar Sheriff: (Salary: $19 / Normal Event: You filled all the sugar containers in these 
  here parts. Well done sheriff.)
* Captain Cappuccino: (Salary: $25 / Normal Event: You worked the cappuccino machine like
  only you know how.)
* Barista: (Rank: MAX / Earn: Fancy Coffee / Salary: $35 / Normal Event: You ran the show.)
* Items:
* Fancy Coffee: Restores 15 health. Its the kind of coffee your friends wish they had. (+15
  HP, +1 CHM)

-=Good Events=-
* You gave a cop a free coffee. Brownie points. (+4 CHM)
* Manager Sandy winked at you. (+8 CHM)
* You learned how to fill sugar dispensers. Golly! (+5 INT)
* You invented a tasty new beverage  Lime Coffee. (+8 INT)
* You gave a pretty girl free whipped coffee on her latte. (-1 STR, +5 CHM)
* A construction crew came in and tipped you really nicely. (+$325)

-=Great Events=-
* You won the espresso chugging contest. Way to give it 110%. (+$1,700, +8 CHM)

-=Negative Events=-
* You dumped a full X-Large on a customer. Whoops. (-4 INT)
* You forgot to wash your apron. Sloppy. (-3 INT, -3 CHM)
* The manager caught you texting. (-3 INT)
* The manager gave you %$#^ for not smiling enough. Smile! (-8 CHM)
* You burnt your hand on the milk steamer. (-3 INT)
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