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  Hints and Tips for: Stickya Adventurya 
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 Stickya Adventurya Cheats

Stickya Adventurya

Submitted by: David K.

1.keep hitting E untill the door opens.
2.grab the beans the fart on the baddy.
3. you can just run through to the other room or waste your time killing bunnys.
4.fart on the guy, then jump down the cliff.go to the right side then left then right.
5.fart on the box 5 times then jump onto it and jump onto the platform.
6.when the snakes head is going down jump on it and hold E.then jump up to the top of the 
  snake then hold the right arrow key and let go of E.
7.try to open the big door then when he starts throwing stuff at you jump up on the platform 
  and fart his stuff back.
8.pull the lever with E when the baddy is under the bloody spikey thing to squash him.
9.jump on the closest black button, then jump to the red 1, then yellow and then go through 
  the door.
10.grap the guitar and press 2 to blow off their heads.
11.fart the box over to the ledge and if there is too much chainsaw guys blow their heads off. over to the door and jump over the spikey wheels.
13.fart on the food that the waiter is carrying and wait for the people to blow up then a 
   door will apear.
14.then complete the guitar hero battle and you win!

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