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  Hints and Tips for: Still Life 
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 Still Life Cheats

Still Life

Hidden message on box:
Submitted by: RM

There is a series of lines and dots on the side of the game's packaging, above and below the 
title. This is a message in Morse code. When decrypted, it reads, "Crawl outside of the box 
and into our web," a reference to the web site for the game.

New access code:
Enter "NO VODKA: 86352". You will have to take the new access card on Victoria's table, then
go to the morgue on B2. You must swap the access card first, then enter the code.

Baking ingredients:
Love         = Milk
Generosity   = Butter
Commitment   = Flour
Sweetness    = Brown Sugar
Integrity    = Molasses
Romance      = Ginger
Sensuality   = Cinnamon
Common Sense = Egg 

Entering the attic:
To get into the attic at her dad's, find the umbrella. It will be at the bottom of the stairs
on a coat rack. 

The junkyard crane:
You must find a way to get past the dog. There is a little box on the side of the building 
where the crane is operated. You will see levers labeled "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", and "6". 
If you go inside the building where you operate the crane, directly behind his head near the
door is a diagram. "1", "2", and "3" go in the top, and "4", "5", and "6" go in the bottom. 
To get over to the trailers, you must move the two boxes over to where they will connect with
the other two that are on top of one another. Then , walk over on the two boxes to the other
two and use the bolt cutters to cut the chain connecting the two that are on top of each other.
You can now move the boxes to reach the trailer. 

Chest in the attic:
The clue for the code is the necklace that her dad gave her. The code is "Diamond, Diamond, 
Heart, Diamond, Diamond". You must figure out how to get the combination in yourself.

Safe in the church:
After talking to the man cutting up the bodies, look for the code at the bookshelf. It will 
be a small piece of paper. The code is "74821536". The safe is a different story, as it uses
symbols instead of numbers. Select the symbol that best represents the number. For example, 
the one that resembles a "plus sign" is a "4"; the sideways 8 is in fact an "8", the "1"
resembles a backwards "1"; the "3" resembles a "3", the "7" resembles a "P"; and the "6" 
looks like a plus sign with an extra line at the bottom.

Breaking into the police office: 
Go to the side of the building. Try to climb the scaffold and the rope will come off. Go 
directly outside the fence to the right. Pick up a piece of wood. Go to your inventory and
combine the rope and the wood to create a grappling hook.

The statue in the park:
After you get the picture from the safe in the church you must go to the park. Use the 
picture from your inventory. Select near the bottom of the statue on the right. When he 
walks over there to examine the area, he should find an inscription. Next, select the 
top of the statue and find the ring. You must climb the statue in order to get the ring.
Note: There is a bird who is a thief.

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