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 Stormrise Cheats


Submitted by: RM

Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. If you 
have an Xbox 360 gamertag, you can log in using this same gamertag
and the achievements will count the same as if you were playing 
the 360 version.

Unlockable	How to Unlock	
Calling all Units (15) - Recruit one of every unit type in any game mode.
Clean Sweep (10)       - Destroy all hiding Sai insurgents in the Tutorial.
Decked Out (35)        - Win 10 ranked matches fully equipped.
Decked Out (50)        - Win 10 ranked matches fully equipped.
Demolisher (25)        - Destroy 55 Control Nodes with the Demo Bomb ability.
Demoraliser (20)       - Destroy 11 enemy units in the first 5 minutes of a 
                         ranked match.
Epic Campaign (30)     - Complete Story Mode on Easy or Normal.
Epic Saga (50)         - Complete Story Mode on Hard.
Eradicator (30)        - Beat the AI on all Skirmish maps.
Evacuation (20)        - Rescue Vantage in Mission 6: Innocent Victim.
Feeding the Habit (15) - Play 16 ranked matches.
First Assault (20)     - Complete Mission 1: Domestic Disturbance.
Formidable (50)        - Destroy 500 units.
Fur Coat (20)          - Defeat Sable in Mission 9: Shock Verdict.
Gone Shopping (20)     - Lose a multiplayer match while the deployment queue is open.
H.Y.D.R.A. (20)        - Defeat the Hydra in Mission 4: Multiple Counts.
Hammer Time (20)       - Take out the Arc-Hammers in Mission 5: Self Defense.
In Pursuit (25)        - Secure the AA Turrets in Mission 11: Hot Pursuit.
In Transit (20)        - Secure the Control Node powering the turrets in Mission 2: 
                         Assault Charge.
Maximum Firepower (20) - Upgrade a Control Node to have level 3 turrets.
Pest Control (20)      - Kill 80 Broodlings
Power Up (20)          - Secure all 3 power junctions in Mission 8: Reasonable Doubt
Puppet Master (20)     - Destroy an enemy unit with one you have Mind-Controlled
Qualify for Duty (15)  - Complete the Tutorial
Reverse Polarity (25)  - Recalibrate the airfield station in Mission 12: Natural Justice
Rite of Passage (25)   - Rescue Eona in Mission 10: Prison Break
Scrap Metal (20)       - Destroy 27 Stalkers
Slice and Dice (15)    - Use the Spectre's Rapid Slice ability to kill an enemy 
Spray and Pray (15)    - Use the Matriarch’s Acid Rain ability.
Telepathic (20)        - Establish a portal in Mission 3: Double Jeopardy.
The Other Path (25)    - Complete Act 2 of Story Mode.
The Other Side (25)    - Complete Act 1 of Story Mode.
Totaled Eclipse (25)   - Destroy 9 Eclipses.
Ulterior Motives (10)  - Use the playbook to switch weapons.
Unleashed (15)         - Use the Rage Smash ability.
Veteran's Affair (40)  - Win 99 ranked matches.
Whip it Good (20)      - Whip 250 times during any map or match.
Winning Streak (25)    - Win 6 consecutive ranked matches.

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