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  Hints and Tips for: Storm The House 3 
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 Storm The House 3 Cheats

Storm The House 3

Cheat Codes:
Update by: daniel
Submitted by: RM

Select the "Cheats" option at the main menu. Enter one of the following 
codes to activate the cheat function. 

Result                    Code
Fisty McBeef punch      - goldfinger
Unlimited money         - diamonds are forever
Enemies moonwalk        - moonraker
More tower slots        - octopussy
God mode                - die another day
Unlimited ammunition    - from russia with love
Full wall               - live and let die
Shorter days            - the living daylights
All weapons             - the world is not enough
Unlimited life          - healing the base

How to beat Game in Normal campain:
End of day:

1  = buy nothing
2  = buy nothing
3  = buy shotgun
4  = buy Quake box
5  = donít forget to buy life if needed
6  = upgrade wall
7  = sell the quake box, buy The Quaker. donít forget to repair the house
8  = upgrade The Quaker damage.
9  = upgrade The Quaker damage.donít forget to repair the house
10 = upgrade The Quaker damage 2 times. Now dmg should be maxed.
11 = upgrade The Quaker Reload 3 times.
12 = upgrade The Quaker Reload 2 times.
13 = upgrade The Quaker Reload. Now it is maxed. Buy a laser tower.
14 = upgrade the fire rate of the laser tower 3 times
15 = upgrade the fire rate of the laser tower 3 times
16 = upgrade the fire rate of the laser tower 2 times
17 = upgrade the fire rate of the laser tower. It should me maxed. 
     Buy the shield generator and upgrade it 4 times
18 = Max the shield generator. Upgrade wall. Buy 3 repair man
19 = upgrade the damage of the laser tower 3 times.
20 = upgrade the damage of the laser tower 2 times. 
     Now it should be maxed.
21 = Buy a second laser tower. Upgrade fire rate 5 times.
22 = Upgrade the wall. Upgrade fire rate of the laser tower 2 times. 
     Buy 2 repairmen.
23 = Upgrade fire rate of the laser tower 2 times, should be maxed. 
     Upgrade damage of the laser tower 2 times.
24 = Upgrade damage of the laser tower 2 times. 
25 = max the damage on the laser tower. Buy 8 repairmen.
26 = Buy 2 repairmen. Buy 17 gunmen. Upgrade the wall
27 = Buy 20 gunmen. 
28 = Buy 2 repairmen. Buy 12 gunmen
29 = Buy 3 repairmen. Buy 9 gunmen
30 = Time to get some serious stuff? 
     Buy the Old Glory. 
     Upgrade accuracy 2 times.
31 = Max accuracy and upgrade reload 6 time on the Old Glory
32 = Buy 2 repairmen. Buy 12 gunmen
32 = Buy 19 gunmen
33 = Repair men up to 50
34 = Buy Space laser and max radius. And have fun!
35 = Max ammo and buy 3 reload on Space Laser. More fun!
36 = Max reload on Space Laser. MASS DESTRUCTION !!!
37 = Buy 3 repairmen. Buy 12 gunmen. Max the Wall
38 = Buy 10 repairmen
39 = Buy 10 repairmen.

Submitted by: jmkmlmmm125

Use infinite ammo cheat infinite money cheat and all weapons cheats then use the 
flame thower and mini gun first fire for a sec with flame thrower then switch to 
minigun while still firing the minigun will not have to charge repeat as needed.

Submitted by:max 

First get the chainsaw and the flamethower then use the chainsaw and hold and then change 
to flamethower well holding the fire button the sound of the chainsaw contine sounding 
while flaming.

Submitted by: Clark Palmer

For those of you who just want to get through the 40 days so you can get the huge fist, 
use the infinite money cheat and buy all of the gunmen that you can before your fingers 
get sore. Also get all of the wall upgrades. If you actually want to play in the game, 
just buy all of the weapons and all of the weapon upgrades.

Cool glitch:
Submitted by: yargyarg

Get the chainsaw and any other gun that spays like old glory,once you did that use your
chainsaw then switch to your other gun shoot and keep doing that and you'll hear the 
sound of a chainsaw.

Submitted by: entertainr

A way to get a fast shotgun is to have the old glory and the DAO-12. while in the game 
be firing the DAO-12 then switch the old glory new sound but awesome gun. can wipe out 
a tank fairly easy.

Submitted by: aldo serna

use "old glory" and the chainsaw. first start shooting with "old glory" the switch to 
the chainsaw. there will be no noise and u will be able to have the chainsaw with the 
affects of "old glory!!!!"

Submitted by: stuarty

get a gun that can spray make sure the gun is upgraded full (money cheat will help with that). 
hold in the left button on your mouse to spray gun as your doing this move the gun to the far 
left of the page untill it can't go anyfurther. when u have done this u will notice u can move 
the mouse out side the game and its still fireing, right click out side the game while the game 
is still fireing your gun and the left click anywhere else. you will then notice that you can 
move the mouse back on the game and your gun is still fireing with out you clicking, once it 
needs to reload let it do so and it will keep on fireing for u so no more sore fingers for 
anyone =]. happy gaming.

Easy kills:
Submitted by: some guy

First go to cheats and type in "diamonds are forever"hit enter then then put 
"octopussy"hit enter again.Go to campaign and get all missile turrets and fully 

Cheap "old glory":
Submitted by: david

first unlock unlimited ammo by typing in from russia with love and then buy the DAO 12 to 
get the "old glory" very cheap plus you wont have to reload.

Win the game easily:
Submitted by: ASP

first get your money enough to buy a chainsaw and flame thrower then old glory... before 
than also buy 2 missile launcher and a laser for your defense.. and use the remaining of 
your money to upgrade the weapon you brought and buy just about 15-20 repairmen (personal 
opinion) and as much gunmen as possible (after you reach lets say 20 days and above) you 
can upgrade your wall on the 15 days because if you got a good defense you wouldn't get 
hit 200 points above (except if miss 5 suicide trucks at ones;=) + upgrade everything in 

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