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  Hints and Tips for: Stranger Things 3: The Game 
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 Stranger Things 3: The Game Cheats

Stranger Things 3: The Game

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Find All the Gnomes:
Written by Tellen

In this guide we will find out where all the Gnomes are located so you can complete 
the achievement and be able to take the reward.

-=All About Gnomes=-
The Gnomes are owned by Phil Larson! They were stolen from kids who then hid them around 
Hawkins! The player's task is to find all 50 Gnomes! Every Gnome has his name!

Why Should I Find the Gnomes?

If you find the Gnomes you can take the rewards, and you will get the Achievements!

-=Is There More Than One Achievement?=-
There are Two Achievements. The first one is unlocked when you find 25 Gnomes and 
another when you find all the Gnomes!

-=Where Can I Get the Rewards?=-
You will be able to take rewards in Phil Larson's House in Hawkins Suburbs!

Once inside, just go to the bottom on the left!

There will be 5 Chests, everyone will have a reward, you can take a chest for 
every 10 Gnomes you find.

My Theory About Death!

In my opinion Jim Hopper is still alive, and that: "No. Not the American" at the end of 
the last episode is half a confirmation. In my opinion, when Hopper get "Destroyed" by 
the machinery of the Russians, in reality he did not die, but what happened to Eleven in 
the final of the first season happened, that is, he was sucked and teleported to the 
Upside Down. When the Russians finally opened a gate in the Upside Down they find him and 
took him prisoner.

-=The Location of the Gnomes and Their Names=-
Gnome #1: Johnny ~ Mikes Basement ~ Radio on the desk near the exit towards the stairs.

Gnome #2: Christine ~ Hawkins Suburbs ~ Leave Mikes house by the front door. 
It's at the flowerpot directly south.

Gnome #3: Doc ~ Hawkings Mall ~ Outside near the loading area on the west side of the map.

Gnome #4: Indiana ~ Hawkins Pool ~ Open area near the shack at the right side of the screen.

Gnome #5: Chunk~ Weathertop ~ take secret exit from complex, found in grass 
(becomes available on last chapter).

Gnome #6: Elvis ~ Hawkins Square ~ Behind the trees in front of the public library 
(huge building with blue roof).

Gnome #7: Jack ~ Hawkins Library ~ In the "last" room in the first area near the computer.

Gnome #8: Flynn ~ Starcourt Mall ~ Parking lot near the green car at the bottom.

Gnome #9: David ~ Weathertop Summit, Northern part of the map, underground entrance, 
follow to the end of Secret Tunnel.

Gnome #10: Baskin ~ Starcourt Mall ~ Behind the counter of "Scoops Ahoy!" on the lower level.

Gnome #11: Macdonald ~ Driscoll Farm, East corner.

Gnome #12: Clint ~ Hawkins Square ~ Hardware Store, you need Joyce to unlock the doors.

Gnome #13: Marty ~ Hawkins Square ~ Hardware Store, East corner in the first room.

Gnome #14: Mikhail ~ Hawkins Square ~ In front of the town hall hidden behind the the 
lamp post between two bushes.

Gnome #15: Denver ~ Driscoll Farm ~ While doing the quests there, you'll have access to 
the barn. While inside the barn, leave by the other exit and use the secret passage behind 
the barn.

Gnome #16: Drago ~ Hess Farm ~ Once you're in the Lab, you can craft cranks to enter some 

optional rooms with loot. You can buy the material needed at the vending machine in the area. 
You need 3 cranks for all doors. The gnome is in one of those rooms.

Gnome #17: Fletch ~ Hawkins Suburbs ~ In the Abandoned House, crawl into the vent and use 
the computer. Enter those numbers: 5-7-2-5-7 > 7-3-7-9-7 > 7-7-9-2-7 > 8-7-7-4-2 > 1-4-8-4-7 . 
This unlocks the room with the gnome and some chests.

Gnome #18: Norman ~ Hawkins Suburbs ~ Granny's house (when you get the side quest for 
cleaning her back yard).

Gnome #19: Herbert ~ Hawkins Suburbs ~ Granny's house inside the basement behind some 
rocks (you need bombs).

Gnome #20: Burt ~ Hawkins Suburbs ~ Inside the pool area behind the chained door. 

Gnome #21: Seth ~ Hawkins Square ~ In the back of the flower shop. Let the golden bear 
statue face the flower pots, then crawl through the vents and let the rat face the sink. 
The gnome is behind the door, that opens.

Gnome #22: Rutger ~ Hawkins Suburbs ~ Inside the pool area when you check the girls 
locker room during a main mission. It's nearly impossible to miss.

Gnome #23: Cruise ~ Hawkins Square ~ In Circuit Shed, open the chained door and make your 
way through the light puzzle in the last room. The lever in the room in front of the puzzle 
room does not turn the lights off.

Gnome #24: Charles ~ Hawkins Lab ~ Behind the vent accessible with Erica. Y
ou have to solve a simple lever puzzle.

Gnome #25: Kitt ~ Hawkins Lab ~ At the entrance, near the trees.

Gnome #26: Huey ~ Hawkins Lab ~ During the timed event, when you have to activate both 
pressure plates near the desk in the same room.

Gnome #27: Falco ~ Hawkins Suburbs ~ In the bush behind the fence, north of Dustin's 
house. It's the house with the workbench on the outside. You can get behind the fence 
at the lower end.

Gnome #28: Glenn ~ Hawkins Square ~ Inside Hardware store crawl through the vent with 
Erica. The area is very small and two enemies await you inside. Be prepared!

Gnome #29: Sonja ~ Hawkins Suburbs ~ In Max's backyard when you pass through this area 
during a main mission. It's near the two green containers.

Gnome #30: Ripley ~ Hawkins Square ~ Inside the City Hall in Aide's office.

Gnome #31: Tony ~ Hawkins Square ~ Inside City Hall in the Gym, hack the terminal in the 
corridor after leaving the second elevator.

Gnome #32: Charlene ~ Hawkins Square ~ Inside the City Hall cellar behind the door that 
needs to be hacked. Clear the rocks with bombs and fight the rats. It's at the end of 
the corridor.

Gnome #33: Willie ~ Hawkins Square ~ Inside City Hall in the bathroom behind sink. 
The bathroom is behind the brown door near the computer you'll use to get some clues 
for the lever puzzle.

Gnome #34: Arnold ~ Murray's Warehouse ~ On the outside, pass between the house and 
the car and follow the fence.

Gnome #35: Falken ~ Murray's House, 'Kill Room'. Puzzle answer is switch #1,2,3,5 and 8.

Gnome #36: Bastion ~ Mall, downstairs, behind escalator (hard to see).

Gnome #37: Magnum ~ Hawkins Square, Hawkins Post building, East corner.

Gnome #38: Clara ~ Mikes House ~ Smash the fridge at the first floor.

Gnome #39: Deckard ~ Hospital, second floor, requires Erica.

Gnome #40: Tommy Lee ~ Mall, Docking Bay lair, requires Erica.

Gnome #41: Adora ~ Hess, Shed, middle of room.

Gnome #42: Samantha ~ Hess, Basement, requires Erica.

Gnome #43: Alexandre ~ Dustin's House, requires Erica.

Gnome #44: Papa Gnome ~ Pool, Women's Locker room, requires Erica.

Gnome #45: Gunther ~ Woods behind funhouse.

Gnome #46: Tubbs ~ Hawkins Suburbs ~ In Max's House (black roof, left side of the map) 
behind the vent accessible from the bathroom.

Gnome #47: Coleman ~ Carnival area, requires 10 tickets (see world's smallest person).

Gnome #48: Slash ~ Funhouse, 1st floor.

Gnome #49: Freddy ~ Funhouse (5th?) floor. small brown room with gnome in center.

Gnome #50: Jareth ~ Weathertop shed (chapter 8), requires Erica.

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