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  Hints and Tips for: Stratosphere 
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 Stratosphere Cheats


Cheat Codes:
In a mission, press Enter to bring up the message window and type: 

 @MISTER FREEZE SAYS STOP - Computer Forts Halted
 @SHOW ME THE RESOURCE    - All floatstone increased by 50000
 @GIVE ME THE ROCK        - Rock increased by 50000
 @MORE ORE FOR LESS       - Ore increased by 50000
 @MORE GREEN FOR ME       - Crystal increased by 50000
 @TALL TOWERS             - Command Center size raised
 @TECNO FREAKS            - Tech Level raised
 @I GOT MY XRAY SPELLS    - Radar line of sight
 @I GOTTA SEE MORE        - Radar zoomed out
 @GIVE ME A CLOSEUP       - Radar zoomed in
 @WEASEL WEASEL WEASEL    - Win mission
 @I WANT TO LOSE NOW      - Lose mission
 @WAS THAT A MOUNTAIN     - Super mountain armor
 @BOMBS MAY FALL          - Super projectile armor
 @OTHER FORTS MAY RAM     - Super fort armor
 @ROCKETS RED GLARE       - Super projectile damage
 @BAA RAM EUE             - Super fort damage
 @ELECTRONS ARE FLOWING   - Super energy
 @BAM BAM BAM             - Super shooting
 @WHOOSH BY THEM ALL      - Super movement
 @BANDAGE ME QUICK        - Super repair
 @BUILD ME A SHAKE        - Super build time
 @ARMORED BLUE            - Super shields
 @NOW YOU SEE ME          - Super cloak
 @NO ONE CAN TOUCH ME     - Super cacoon
 @SILVER BULLET           - Super quicksilver
 @LOCK ON TARGET          - Super targeting station
 @HOME ON THE RANGE       - Super range booster
 @I CAN SEE FOR MILES AND MILES - Super observatory
 @WHERE'S THE BEEF?       - Super cow

Playing Tips: 
Hold down the firing button, don't tap it. Constantly adjust your aim. 
This way, you get a maximum firing rate.

Adjust your camera to suit your fortress. Ballistic weapons are best viewed
from a high vantage point that just barely covers the weapon's max range. 
Flat shooting weapons benefit from a horizon view that lets you send shots
beyond your firing arcs.

Use mines off the back of your ship for a protection during retreat.Use the
macro assignment (CTRL-1-9) to group weapons and make special units easily 
selectable. By cycling through your macros, you can separately aim weapons 
on the left and right sides of your fort.... very effective with weapons 
that have a long recharge time (e.g. Doom Cannon).

If you're too slow but can't add thrusters, try removing some less vital 
structures and reducing your fort's footprint. Given the same engines, a 
smaller fort will be faster than a larger one. Damage affects all units 
efficiency (energy cost) and effectiveness (action rate), so be sure to 
repair whenever possible. In a pinch, use CTRL-A to select all units and
then 'R' to repair If your unit selection gets confused, just hit ESC to
de-select all.

Once you've seen an enemy, you can select their entry (denoted by their 
fort's name) to get a compass tick mark showing their position relative 
to yours.

Try building asymmetric forts. Take a look at the custom fort Sidewinder...
To use it effectively, rotate and lock your camera to align with the weapon
arcs. Then use your radar to navigate. This way, you always present a strafing
target that fouls the enemy's aim. While a focused strategy and lots of battle
experience will win most battles, a true master has to be able to change 
strategies on the fly. If your fort design is susceptible to your opponent's 
style, retreat and redesign. Many multiplayer levels have Floatstone deposits
that can give you the added resources to turn the battle in your favor.

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