Strike Force Red Cell Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Strike Force Red Cell 
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 Strike Force Red Cell Cheats

Strike Force Red Cell

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Strike Force Red Cell is a fast paced first person shooter based on 
actual terrorist planned events and activities around the world. In the
year 2003, while the UN publicly hesitated to support the U.S.-led war 
on terror, they did understand the threat it holds to all nations, and 
so developed a secret force to combat it. You have been chosen to join 
this elite squad, as have others from Delta, 10th Mountain, SAS and 
GSG-9. Our mission is simple: the protection of the innocent from the
wicked, and the eradication of terror without further harm to global 
stability. We are the best trained, the best equipped and best-led 
team history has known: the covert and necessary answer to the threats
the world hides.

* Single-player campaign consisting of 8 linked scenarios.
* 12 multiplayer maps.
* 4 multiplayer modes.
* 12 unique, authentic weapons.
* 5 distinct team roles with 3 variations each, for a total of 15 
  unique characters.
* Unique gameplay mechanics that encourage realistic, strategic play.
* AI that attacks and clears as a team and takes cover when necessary.
* Location-based damage and dismemberment.
* Runs on the Reality Engine technology.
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