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  Hints and Tips for: Stronghold 2 
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 Stronghold 2 Cheats

Stronghold 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Haspa

Change greeting voice:
Enter your lords name as "Megalord" (without quotes); and when you start the game, instead
of the regular greeting, it will say "greetings Megalord"

Starwars Easter Egg:
Enter your lords name as "Lord Vader" (without quotes); and when you start the game, instead
of the regular greeting, it will say "Greetings Lord Vader; Obi Won has taught you well, but
you are not a jedi yet..."

Potty Humor:
Enter your lords name as "Flying Poo" (without quotes); and when you start the game, instead
of the regular greeting, it will say "Greetings...FLYING POOOOO!!!"

Smart Aleck Greeting:
Enter your lords name as "Fertile01" (without quotes); and when you start the game, instead
of the regular greeting, it will say "Greetings Fertile01, or whatever the hell your name 

Alternate dialogue:
Change your name to any that starts with the word Megalord. The "Greetings sire" dialogue 
will be replaced with another one saying "Greetings Megalord". 

For other alternate greetings, enter one of the following names: 
Flying Poo
Lord Vader

Set the system date to July 4th. The "Greetings sire" dialogue will be replaced with 
another one saying "Happy Fourth of July, my Lord". 

Set the system time to very early in the morning to hear the message "Its very late sire, 
shouldn't you be sleeping?". 

Enter "Nannertron" as your name. The "Greetings sire" dialogue will be replaced with another
one saying "Greetings Lady Anne". 

Enter "Lord Seth" as your name. The "Greetings sire" dialogue will be replaced with another
one saying "Greetings Lord Seth". 

Enter "Lord Yoshi" as your name. The "Greetings sire" dialogue will be replaced with another
one saying "Greetings Lord Yoshi". 

Best castle:
Go to the map editor and create a map. Refer to page 53 in the instruction manual. You 
can make your castle and it will not cost anything. You can also make an army in the 
panel with the two swords crossing each other. Also in the crossing swords panel, you 
can make siege equipment.

Easy money:
Acquire 1,000 gold and enough wood in order to place a monastery. Place the monastery, 
then press P to pause game play. Click on the rubber tool in the lower left part of the 
screen as many times as desired. You will get 1,000 gold each time you click it, and the 
monastery will not disappear until you press P again to resume the game.

Easy resources:
Use the following trick when you are low on supplies and need to build things (especially 
when you do not have a market). Press P to pause game play, then put a building that needs 
supplies of what you want (for example, wood, stone, or gold; use a siege camp for gold). 
Place it anywhere. The building will not disappear -- you can keep "delete" clicking until 
you have as many supplies of wood, gold, and stone as desired. When you resume the game, 
check your stockpile (or before) to make sure that you actually deleted it. 
Note: You wil; not the benefit of this on all levels, as some do not have the building of 
gold or stone you can delete. Also, if you have a market and can build something that costs 
gold to build, you can use this trick and buy things you need, like food.

Get rid of gong no labour:
Just place the gong pit under the piece of gong you wish to delete. Then when it's fallen 
through the hole delete the gong pit. You have not lost any rescources because you did it 

Making a nice peacful village:
First,go to the picture with the village people on it,click it,and make a new save (if 
you have another save dont delete it just start a new one) when you start,place the food 
hut in the top lefthand corner,place the apple farms (aleast 3) all around it then put 
the wood cutters by some trees, when you set the huts for the people to live in dont go 
psyco, only place huts when every one in you town is happy,you have enough food and if 
you have room. room is the key to that whole mode. Good luck fellow stronghold 2 players!

Lord Yoshi:
Enter your lords name as "Yoshi" (without quotes); and when you start the game, instead 
of the regular greeting, it will say "greetings Lord Yoshi"

Lord Seth Easter Egg:
Enter "Lord Seth" as your lord's name, and you will hear Greetings Lord Seth at the 
into screen. 

Help getting started:
The easiest way to get food for your castle is in the beginning to build many of those 
hunting posts, about 10-15 of them, than you have enough food. Then you can build some 
saw pits near the woods. Then build a market, where you can buy stone and wood for 
building your castle. The build hovels. MANY hovels. after, you build whatever your 
hearts desire. 

Money Exploit:
Build a siege camp and then click "p" which pauses the game. After pausing the game 
click on the rubber and click on the siege camp to get rid of it from the map. You get 
money back for deleting it ,but when the game is paused the siege camp won't go untill 
you click "p" again. So if you delete the siege camp 100 times without clicking "p" 
to resume the game you'll get alot of money.

Alternate greeting:
Change your name to any that starts with the word Megalord. The "Greetings sire" dialogue 
will be replaced with another one saying "Greetings Megalord". 

Also enter the following names for other greetings.

Bill The Brave
Brave Sir Robin
Captain Random
Computer Gaming World
Dark Lord
Earl Listibald
Game Star
Games Magazine
Lady Alexandra
Lady Alison
Lady Amy
Lady Andrea
Lady Ann
Lady Ann Maurie
Lady Anna
Lady Annabell
Lady Arcola
Lady Barbara
Lady Beth
Lady Betty
Lady Bev
Lady Bonnie
Lady Camile
Lady Caroline
Lady Catherine
Lady Charner
Lady Cheryl
Lady Christian
Lady Cindy
Lady Collete
Lady Connie
Lady Daline
Lady Denice
Lady Dian
Lady Doreen
Lady Dot
Lady Dwee
Lady Edel
Lady Edith
Lady Elizabeth
Lady Ellen
Lady Emma
Lady Eva
Lady Fiona
Lady Frankie
Lady Freya
Lady Gabrielle
Lady Heather
Lady Helen
Lady Hidy
Lady Ivy
Lady Jackie
Lady Jaqueline
Lady Jen
Lady Jennifer
Lady Jessica
Lady Jill
Lady Julia
Lady Julie
Lady Kate
Lady Katline
Lady Kester
Lady Kirsten
Lady Laura
Lady Lilly
Lady Lisa
Lady Louise
Lady Maria
Lady Marie
Lady Mc Kenzy
Lady Megan
Lady Mel
Lady Melissa
Lady Merepatra
Lady Mirabell
Lady Natalie
Lady Nicola
Lady Nicole
Lady Pat
Lady Patricia
Lady Phoebe
Lady Rachel
Lady Rachel
Lady Rhian
Lady Sally
Lady Sandy
Lady Sarah
Lady Shannon
Lady Sue
Lady Susan
Lady Suzanne
Lady Tina
Lady Tina
Lady Trisha
Lady Vicky
Lady Viv
Lady Vivian
Lady WitchHazel
Lady Yacki
Lasy Isla
Little Smoo
Lord Aaron
Lord Adam
Lord Al
Lord Alex
Lord Ali
Lord Andre
Lord Andrew
Lord Andy
Lord Anthony
Lord Antione
Lord Arthur
Lord Bancy
Lord Ben
Lord Bill
Lord Bismuth
Lord Bob
Lord Brian
Lord Brown
Lord Bruce
Lord Carl
Lord Carlo
Lord Casimir
Lord Caz
Lord Charles
Lord Charlie
Lord Chris
Lord Christoph
Lord Christopher
Lord Claud
Lord Cliffe
Lord Colin
Lord Cornholio
Lord Craig
Lord Craig
Lord Daffy
Lord Dan
Lord Darren
Lord Darron
Lord Dave
Lord David
Lord Decan
Lord Declan
Lord Denby
Lord Dennis
Lord Dennis
Lord DeRusset
Lord Dixie
Lord Don
Lord Don
Lord Doug
Lord Draco
Lord Dustan
Lord Earl
Lord Edd
Lord Eddy
Lord Edward
Lord Emmanuel
Lord Eric
Lord Evil
Lord Family
Lord Fantasia
Lord Fatal Exception
Lord Felix
Lord Firefly
Lord Francis
Lord Friendly
Lord Gabriel
Lord Geff
Lord George
Lord Georgio
Lord Gerry
Lord Gordon
Lord Grady
Lord Grant
Lord Gray
Lord Gustov
Lord Hades
Lord Harry
Lord Henry
Lord Hico
Lord Hogins
Lord Ian
Lord Id
Lord Isaac
Lord Jack
Lord James
Lord Jamie
Lord Jason
Lord Jayhawk
Lord Jeff
Lord Jim
Lord Jimmy
Lord Jobes
Lord John
Lord Jole
Lord Jon
Lord Jonah
Lord Jonathan
Lord Joost
Lord Jorge
Lord Josh
Lord Julian
Lord Keeth
Lord Kelly
Lord Ken
Lord Ken
Lord Kenneth
Lord Kevin
Lord Kit
Lord Koutrouboussis 
Lord Lea
Lord Lewis
Lord Lewis
Lord Lewis
Lord Lou
Lord Louie
Lord Lucar
Lord Luke
Lord Malcom
Lord Marc
Lord Mark
Lord Markus
Lord Mathias
Lord Matt
Lord Matthew
Lord Merrapatra
Lord Merrill
Lord Michael
Lord Mike
Lord Miles
Lord Mojo Jo Jo
Lord Morgan
Lord Morizio
Lord Mung
Lord Naomi
Lord Nathan
Lord Nathan
Lord Neal
Lord Neil
Lord Nick
Lord Nobbie
Lord of the Flies
Lord Oliver
Lord Ollie
Lord Ord
Lord Patrick
Lord Paul
Lord Paulo
Lord Pete
Lord Peter
Lord Phil
Lord Ray
Lord Rhash
Lord Richard
Lord Rob
Lord Robb
Lord Robert
Lord Robin
Lord Rocklar
Lord Roland
Lord Rooseberry
Lord Ryan
Lord Sabastian
Lord Sarge
Lord Scott
Lord Seth
Lord Shain
Lord Shamus
Lord Shaun
Lord Shrek
Lord Simon
Lord Sindra
Lord Smitty
Lord Spiderman
Lord Spine Man
Lord Stark
Lord Stephan
Lord Stephane
Lord Steve
Lord Steven
Lord Steven
Lord Stew
Lord Stewart
Lord Suicidal
Lord Surgeo
Lord Tazz
Lord Ted
Lord Terry
Lord Therry
Lord Thomas
Lord Thunder
Lord Thurdl01
Lord Thurston
Lord Tigger
Lord Tim
Lord Tom
Lord Tony
Lord Triblade
Lord Triface
Lord Triss
Lord Vader
Lord Veil
Lord Vernon
Lord Vesper
Lord Victor
Lord Warrick
Lord Wayne
Lord Wesley
Lord Wibble
Lord Will
Lord William
Lord William
Lord Wolverine
Lord Wraith
Lord Yohan
Lord Yoshi
Lord Yuin
Lord Zenn
Lord Ztolk
Matthias Johnston
Mega Death
Mega Lord
PC Gamer
PC Zone
Sir Barkalot
Sir Barkalot
Sir Flying POO
Sir Randall
Strategy Player
Super Noodle
Ted the Wild

Infinity Money:
Submitted by: Cheats
Start any game ( kingmaker etc ) and make sure you have 1000 gold and enough 
stone to build a monestry, place it where you want. Now pause the game with 
the [p] sign click the rubber as many time as you wish. You should get money
every time you click it!

Unlimitted men in towers:
When the game is paused, direct small groups of men at a time to go into the tower.
There will be no limit to the number of men you can get in the tower while paused.

Ghost Horse:
When you have a stable and horses, click on your king and get him to the ground. 
(it will not work if he is in a tower or on a wall) then click on his "get on 
the horse" icon. once the horse gets near him, click that icon multiple times. 
The horse will get to him and he will get on the horse and it will walk away, 
but he will still be on it. (the horse will still take minimum damage in battle
but it will be about 1/10 as much).

Popularity Cheat:
If you have the Stronghold 2 vr 1.0 this cheat will help u have a high popularity by 
messing with your treasury. But this cheat is for those who DON'T care about getting 
an income of money. So what you do is you place a treasury on your map. Then put it 
to Large bride then PAUSE the game and get the delete button and click it over 5 times.
then UN-pause the game and you will see in that popularity book + 8 on treasury while 
its not there at all and the best part you wont have to pay your peasants anything at 

Walk on Water:
Place two sets of wooden stairs so that they face away from each other near the water. 
The troops can then enter the water and walk across it to the next land mass, but from 
there they will be unable to walk back across the water.

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