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  Hints and Tips for: Stronghold Warchest 
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 Stronghold Warchest Cheats

Stronghold Warchest

Stronghold: Crusader: Infinite archers in a tower:
Submitted by: RM

If your tower is full, you can just walk the archers to the other 
side of the tower, and when they're passing through it hit stop to
make them stay in the tower. 

Stronghold: Crusader: Secret Pause Actions:
Open up the Market Trade or Barracks/Mercenary Post, then press "P"
to pause the game. You can purchase units or buy/sell items while the
game is paused. 

Various Cheats for Stronghold 1:
Cheat mode is to be entered at Main Menu, rest can be entered during gameplay.

Code               Effect
Alt + X         - 100 popularity and 1000 more gold pievces.
Shift + Alt + A - Cheat mode.
alt + D	Debug mode; altered graphics.
Alt + K	Press and hold this to build without supplies.
Alt + C	Unlocks all levels.

Stronghold Easter Eggs:
While in a game, go in the options menu and change your name to one starting 
with ''Megalord'' (without the quotes). The next time you enter the game, the
usual ''Greetings sire'' will be replaced with a weird voice saying ''Greetings

-="Merry Christmas, my liege"=-
Change the date settings of your computer to Christmas (Dec. 25). Then run 
Stronghold. Instead of "Greetings, sire. Your stronghold awaits you", you'll 
hear "Merry Christmas, my liege."

-=10 more days until Christmas=-
During the month of December and before the official start of Christmas, your 
advisor will say, "Only 10 more shopping days until Christmas." at the main 
menu when you start the game.

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