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  Hints and Tips for: Submachine 
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 Submachine Cheats


Submitted by: RM

-Move up the ladder and pick the valve wheel from the floor and then 
 move back down the ladder.
-Move left twice and pick up the spoon from behind the valves. Fit 
 the valve wheel to the pipe.
-You then need to open two of the valves, the ones that need to be 
 opened are the middle one and the right hand one. When this is done, 
 spin the valve wheel. You should hear the cracking of a pipe somewhere.
-Move back right twice and then go back up the ladder. Pick up the pearl 
 thatís dropped from the broken pipe.
-Go back down the ladder, then go left and then down the next two 
-Pick up the note from the floor (this is used in the next episode of 
-Place the pearl onto the pendulum in the grandfather clock. The face 
 should then open giving you the first piece of the final puzzle.
-Go down the next ladder and then go right. Pick up the coin from the floor.
-You will notice that ringing the bells lift different combinations of the 
 blocks. You need to ring a certain combination of bells to lift all four 
 blocks off the pedestal. The combination is very simple in fact, itís the 
 forth bell from the left, then the second and finally the first. The 
 pedestal will open revealing the next piece of the puzzle.
-Move left and then up three ladders and then right. You will see that you 
 need a four figure combination to open the trunk. If you highlight the coin 
 you will see a four figure number printed on it. Enter the combination and 
 the trunk will open, collect the fuse and the puzzle piece from inside.
-Move left twice and then down the ladder. Fit the fuse the fuse box and 
 then go down another two levels.
-Turn the machine on by flicking the switch down and then short it by 
 placing the spoon across the two terminals. When the machine finally 
 breaks collect the final piece of puzzle from the flap that drops down.
-Go back up three times and fit the four puzzle pieces to the circular 
 plaque on the wall. The elevator will appear and whisk you away!

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