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  Hints and Tips for: Subsistence 
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 Subsistence Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tutorial and Tips for Surviving the First Couple of Days:
Written by WhiteHowler02

This game is a hardcore survival game that is hard for first time players, 
but once you have a couple hours under your belt, it is fairly easy. This 
tutorial/tips hybrid is going to tell you things you need to know in order 
to survive the first couple of days with no deaths, or maybe just one.

So first things first, you need to mess with your settings. If you have 
a lower tier computer like I do, I highly recommend turning off dynamic 
shadows and lowering shadow and texture detail. This will reduce a lot 
of lag that you might have because your computer probably sucks, like 
mine. I recommend that you keep the draw distance high or very high 
because either way, it will be about the same and it'll help you greatly 
when it comes to finding loot and locating hostiles.

You should probably mess with the controls too, I personally changed 
inventory to E along with other controls to mimic Minecraft controls, 
lets be real, how many of us has played Minecraft?

After you have done this, make sure that all the controls are set to be 
the easiest on you and the graphics settings are set to create minimum 
lag, unless you have a beast of a computer, then sure, go all out.

This is a map of the map. I did not make this, credit goes to Nemo, I 
really appreciate him making this. If you're playing with friends, send 
this to them so they can know what you're talking about, and maybe print 
it out too.

Subsistence - Tutorial and Tips for Surviving the First Couple of Days

Now, everything is important, gather as much stuff that you can, even 
if you have a lot of it, you can never have enough, unless you have a 
chest full of something, but I highly doubt you would fill a chest with 
a sole item, fully stacked.

This is what fiber looks like. It is very useful, you use it to craft 
cordage, which is used in a lot of recipes, so gather as much of this 
as possible.

This is a grub tree, they give you 6 wood instead of 3 or 4 a normal 
tree does, but what's really special is that it gives a tree grub, it's 
like a maggot. You use it for tackle for fishing or you can eat it for 
a tiny amount of protein, but don't eat it unless you're desperate

This is a medicinal plant. They are used to craft most medical items 
and biofuel. This is a lot easier to spot than the fibers.

There are also crates, or bags of loot. These contain some loot in them 
and there are 4 varieties. The best one is the flat one, which it gives 
you double the loot and its rarer loot like sinew, which is used for 
rope, gun parts to upgrade weapons. However, it requires a lockpick to 
open. The first Base Command Unit (BCU) gives you a free lockpick. 
After that, you have to craft them.

I recommend looting everything you see. There are also additional things 
out there, like potatoes and carrots. When you look around, anything that 
looks different then the normal grass and shrubbery, look to see if it's 
that. You can extract the seeds from them and grow more, allowing you to 
be able to eventually hopefully make 5 star meals. Also, keep all ash 
from fires, you'll need it later.

Now, when it comes to basing, don't build until sunset. As crazy as it 
sounds, focus on gathering materials so you don't have to try and get 
more fiber at night, it's impossible. Build a foundation, a wall, and a 
roof. Try and build close to water and if you can, build on a big rock. 
This way, you can see your base from far away and it reduces the number 
of sides a hostile can attack from.

Whatever you do, don't build your BCU! If you build your BCU, hunters will
very shortly begin to spawn in and they are tough and total jerks. Build 
your BCU when you have at least one foundation, four walls and a roof. Try 
and memorizing nearby monuments and keep an eye on the direction of where 
your going and where the general location of your base is.

By now, you should have a base and a BCU. The first thing you should craft 
is a wood burning stove. This uses less wood, gives off the same amount of 
light, and has a larger heating range. Then craft a plant bed so you can 
begin planting seeds when you find them. You can use ash as a fertilizer,
or animal feces, so save them!

By now, hunters should begin spawning in your world. So keep an eye out 
for wierd light from a campfire and an ear for gunshots and tree hacking 
that isn't you or your friends if you're doing co op.

You need food. It is vital, especially protein because it can be difficult 
at points to get protein. Want to know how you can save food? Patience, most
 people sprint around, but they fail to realize that they are using a ton more 
food, especially protein when they sprint.

When it comes to hunting, it takes 2 pistol shots or 1 arrow to kill a chicken. 
With the arrow, you have a chance to just injure it. Don't kill the chicken 
immedieatly unless you're about to cook it. Food can spoil and burn in this 
game, so keep an eye on it.

A rabbit takes 1 pistol shot or 1 arrow. It'll give you rabbit and cloth.

Fish takes one tackle and if you hook the fish too early, you will lose the 
tackle. If you catch the fish, you lose the tackle.

Now here's the fun stuff, predators.

I would recommend putting a couple rounds into a wolf using a pistol before 
taking out a shotgun and shooting it. It takes a couple pistol rounds and, to 
improve headshot accuracy, crouch, 2-3 shotgun shells to the face.

Same thing with a bear, but I would recommend having a couple extra shells just 
in case you miss or it's a high level bear, because the higher the level, the 
greater the health and reward.

It is good to keep an eye on your fruits too. You can find berries in the crates 
and in the wild. I would recommend to always carry a couple berries and if you 
have them, protein bars when you go and explore.

Water is also needed. It takes longer for it to go down, so just keep an eye on 
it and when you are getting low or if you eat some food and you're iffy on it, 
drink water. You can refill your canteen at a water source by walking out in it 
a little bit, opening your inventory, right clicking on the empty canteen, and 
filling it with water. It has to boil before you can drink that, so make sure 
you do that.

How to Modify .SAV Files for Free Items:
By Kurdain

This guide will walk you through on how to find and edit your save files to 
change the quantities of inventory items to easily give yourself free items – 

-=Disclaimer and Warning=-
**Disclamer – messing with the .SAV files can easily mess up your game and 
you will lose ALL progress if it goes wrongly!**

Back-up your save file before attempting to do any edits!

I highly recommend that you do NOT exceed stack limits on any item you are 
attempting to modify. Doing so will likely result in weird behavior, like every 
hunter and hunter base disappearing from the map never to return…other items 
randomly disappearing, and so forth.

This guide was inspired by the guide created by DubWine, however I quickly 
noticed that it seemed outdated as my save files did not seem to follow what 
he/she was describing and so decided to figure out how to edit the save files. 
Once I did I thought I would share the knowledge.

I used this method to spawn in a lot of matches because I got pretty tired of 
leaving camp and getting back a few minutes too late and having to make another 
fire start kit and relight the fires in my base. This way I have a stack of 
matches in each woodburner.

The example below is for lock picks as I felt this would be far more interesting 
for people but will work for any item.

Prep the item to edit and find your save game.
Make a new storage crate and place it in the world near your other storage crates.

Place 1 of the item into the crate that you want to make more of.

-=Save and exit the game.=-
Browse and navigate to the save file, sort by date modified, most recent at the top.

At the top will be a couple of files.
saveGame10.sav (in my case it was save #10, your number will vary)

Modify your .SAV game
You want to edit the file with the number in it, saveGame10.sav in my case.
Use a program like notepad++ and turn on word wrap.Search for the word storagecrate.
Now here you will need to use a little intuition to find the correct crate. 
It will have similar world coordinates and be in a similar save file location as 
your other crates and will likely be the only crate with a single item in it. 
Hunter bases also have storage crates but you should be able to tell which ones 
those are as there will be other items in it, in a different location, and will 
have other hunter labeled buildables near the same variable string.

In any case here is my new crate with my lock pick in it:

You want to pay attention to the last 2 numbers, in this case 78 and 79.
78 is the item number, which in this case 78 is the lock pick. Other items will 
have a different number (for example the refrigerator is number 18, IIRC).
The second number is what determines the quantity and that quantity is derived
 from the first number subtracted from the last number, so in this case 78 – 79 = 1.
So I have 1 lock pick.

Changing the last number to 98 (MAX STACK SIZE!):

This gave me 20 lock picks!

Save the file.
Load up the game.
Loot your item from the crate.
If you want, you can place a new item in the crate, save the game, rinse/repeat.

This method works on multiple slots at the same time so you could edit more than 1 
item at a time but the risk of mistakes goes up significantly.

You could also conceivably edit the item numbers to spawn in different items but 
I did not feel like attempting to spawn in every item in the game one by one to make 
a list and I feel that would end up ruining the game.

Hopefully this is helpful and remember…BACK UP your original save file!

How to Restore Lost Profile:
Written by ColdGames

Explains Steps to Restoring a Lost Profile

-=Restore Lost Profile=-
First backup your existing saves. Navigate to your Subsistence directory and make 
a copy of your existing SaveData folder by doing the following:

* Click on the settings icon for Subsistence in your Steam games library
* Click on "Properties"
* In the popup window, click "Local Files" (on the left) and then the "Browse" button.
* Now open the UDKGame folder and make a copy of the SaveGame folder within 
  (right-click on it and click copy). Paste it somewhere safe (like your desktop).
* Now enter the game and select any profile and start the game.
* Once you've entered the game, press F8 to make a manual save. 
* Then exit the game.
* Now (within your SaveData folder) open the ProfileSaves/Sp/ folder, and list the 
  files by "Date Modified":
* Now replace (overwrite) the .sav file listed at the top (ignore the nodelete.txt file) 
  with one from your backed up SaveData folder (by renaming it to same name). 
* Don't delete the backups just in case.
* Enter the game and your old profile should now be visible in the profile slot.

You can perform these steps on any of the 5 profiles. 
Check the dates of the backed-up saves to determine which one to restore.

This can also be done for co-op games, just look in the SaveData/ProfileSaves/Mp/ folder 

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