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  Hints and Tips for: Sunless Skies 
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 Sunless Skies Cheats

Sunless Skies

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Receive Hearts or Mirrors (Blue Kingdom):
Written by Mosethyoth

There are a few general ways to increase skill points in Sunless Skies.

Choosing a past at the start of the game, choosing a facet after a level up or 
appointing an officer. Additionally one can do a Rite of the Well which will 
reduce 2 Skills moderately and increase a third greatly.

But in contrast there are far more ways to permanently lose skill points and 
most of the choices that lead to them do not make it obvious before you select 

To mitigate this there are two events which can reward a captain with a permanent 
skill boost. Though only Mirrors and Hearts may be gained.

Basic Information

Both skill point increases require a possession which will be lost and can be 
encountered in the ports of the Blue Kingdom by selecting Actions which become 
available again after 15 days. They all depend on the same timer (so travelling 
between ports is useless).

-=The Actions are=-
* Death's Doorstop: Wander the streets of the officially-nameless town.
* Urd: Mingle in the crowds approaching the staircase.
* The Court of Dust: Wander the Courtyard.
* The Porch of the House of Days: Mingle in the crowds approaching the staircase.

Selecting one of those will trigger the event An Encounter in the Blue Kingdom 
and one of 6 possible status with 2 possible introductions each is randomly chosen.

Depending on the introduction you can deduce if you've received a status which will 
allow you to receive a skill point.

Required possession: Searing Enigma
The introduction reads either:
You notice that one of the spirits of the dead is lying and convulsing in the gutter. 
Its porcelain mask is cracked. The other spirits walk swiftly by, not even pausing 
to glance in its direction.


Noticing your concern, a bureaucrat stops beside you. A voice issues from the jar 
tucked under its arm. "It has a disease of the soul," explains the jar hollowly. 
"Far rarer than any disease of mind or body, and more difficult to treat. The poor 
thing will likely unravel soon. Nothing to be done, unless you have something that 
might strengthen it."

The option which will grant one Mirrors is: Offer a mystery to keep it rooted to 
the world. 

Required possession: Testament of the Feather

The introduction reads either:

As you are making your way along a mean and narrow boulevard, you notice a Weary 
Spirit hurrying towards you. It clutches a jar containing its voice babbling frantically.


Not far behind it are two dead bureaucrats, citing the Spirit's violations of its 
status as one of the Yoked. They are gaining on the Spirit, whose jar has now begun 
to sob hysterically.

The option which will grant one Hearts is: Help the Weary Spirit.

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