Super Animal Royale Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Super Animal Royale 
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 Super Animal Royale Cheats

Super Animal Royale

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Free Coupon Codes:
The code(s) shown are active at this time. 
Keep track as codes may get moved to the Expired Codes section (if shown) 
or get crossed out.

-=Canada Day (1 July 2019)=-
* Canada
Use the code(s) posted here by clicking the ticket icon in the main menu and 
entering them. The item(s) each code contains will unlock once you click Redeem.

Helpful Tips!:
Written by Dr. John Gilder.

Here are a few tips I have come up with that will help you with various meanings, 
whether to survive longer, excel in combat, or just any old tip that will help 
you in some way throughout your adventure in the game.

* You will find these giant clams on shorelines or beaches around our island. 
  Opening them will greet you with some decent treasure, being grenades, ammo, 
  tape, or juice.

* Snipers and Miniguns are the heaviest weapons in the game (currently), so be 
  sure to switch to a lighter weapon for longer travels.

* Armor to me is a top priority. Be sure to repair armor instantly after a fight, 
  then heal with juice. If you are wearing a tier 3 armor, try to tape up to two 
  ticks of armor before healing, then make the final tick and continue your fight.

* There is an in game tutorial system that you can enable! It's quite helpful, 
  and good enough for new players. Try it out! (I believe if new content updates 
  come, the tutorial will be updated with info about the new features, such as 
  the mushrooms and clams and whatnot from last update.)

* You can redeem coupon codes for a few free cosmetics! Go into the main menu, 
  hit ESC, and in the paws menu there should be an option to Redeem Coupon. The 
  current codes available are: SUPERFREE, NLSS, SQUIDUP, and LOVE.

* There are also a few holiday related codes: 
  HOWLWEEN (redeemable during Halloween), 
  DayOfTheDead (redeemable during Halloween), 
  USA (redeemable during July the 4th), 
  CANADA (redeemable during July the 1st), 
  SUMMER (redeemable during SAR summer events), 
  CRISPRMAS (redeemable during December), 
  SAKURA (redeemable during April and May),

* If you go to the mountain on the top right corner of the map, there is a cave 
  in there. In the cave you will be greeted by a long and narrow hallway, leading 
  to a Banan shrine. If you throw a banana on the brown pedestal in front of the 
  shrine you will collect the 'Praise Banan' emote (Super Edition Only).

* Killing developers in-game does not grant bonus XP points. (I actually did this 
  one time, didn't work. So stop hunting the devs, yeah you.)

* The more time you survive, or the more kills you get in a match, you get a bit 
  more XP , and a small chance for a random cosmetic drop rate.

* Buying the Super Edition grants an additional x2 Carl Coin drop rate, and 1,000 
  S.A.W. Tickets for primed shopping. As well as access to every milestone cosmetic.

* With a bit of friendly interaction, you're sure to make friends in this game!

* Low on health juice? Use a Banana Forker to eat thrown bananas for a excellent 
  amount of returned health. You can also eat coconuts and mushrooms for health, 
  as well as use campfires to heal!

* Heal faster and more efficiently by chugging health juice next to an active 

* Crouching will make your movement sound much more quieter.

* Bots are not that bright, but don't underestimate them! 
  They're sure to kill you if you aren't quick and accurate.

* Some players might be working as a serviceable Taxi driver, so be sure to not 
  shoot them to gain their trust if you want to be a good fare.

* Under attack by an emu rider who turned out to not be a taxi? Well no worries! 
  You can easily hitchhike on their ride by pressing [E], but you are at the mercy 
  of the rider now, either they will try to kill you, or you two will form an 
  alliance as the rider will ride you and themselves over to the circle. 
  Maybe best to backstab them as they get off by filling them with lead, for good 
* Try shooting explosive barrels if they are near a approaching player, for an 
  added damage bonus. Be careful though, they might see what you are planning to
* Try to outsmart the enemy with something unexpected, like I always do. Casually 
  strike them here and there, then surprise attack them with a hidden sniper, or 
  something else that's effective like a shotgun or grenade.
* A camping strategy is to throw bananas around a Mole Crate, to trick the looter 
  into tripping, making them able for you to shotty them quickly.
* Praise Banan.

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