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  Hints and Tips for: Super Star 
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 Super Star Cheats

Super Star

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

100% Achievement Guide (Easy Way):
Written by Angelo Olteteanu

This guide was made after I played the game and got all the achievements. The purpose 
is to provide a very simple and intuitive solution so that you don't spend hours 
trying to get all the achievements in this game.

-=Super Simple Guide=-
Step #1: First you have to complete the game at least once but probably twice to get 
all the Gems and purchase all the bonuses with them in the Store. Buy them in the Gem 
tab in the store.You need all of them and they are all very useful.

Step #2: Most important! Start a game with all the gem upgrades and learn all the 5 
skills in the Learn menu to a value of at least 7500. Do not buy anything from the 
store initially. This is very important because you cannot learn anymore after 8500 
in any skill so we will first learn everything we can in school then boost the skills 
with the items later on. 

Do not worry about going into debt. At the end you will recover all your money and 
have a lot of extra and nothing to spend on.

Step #3: Do events serially and get rewards and money. 
These will give you story achievements. 

Step #4: When you have a lot of money buy the items in the shop. 

Step #5: Superstar achievement. Do one activity from adverisements page 1, then page 
2 and so on untill you reach the last page. There you have to do the last 2 to get 
the Queen achievement. Always use coins to get maximum popularity. Then repeat the 
same thing for songs and movies. Having high skills, these will be done imediately.

You might need to restart and do the other steps above again to get here, depending 
on how much you take, but you can get all the achievements in one playthrough depending 
on what you focused on your initial playthrough.

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