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  Hints and Tips for: Super Tony Land 
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 Super Tony Land Cheats

Super Tony Land

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The Basics of Tronics:
Written by Naxane

This is Tronics 101, where I'll cover the basics of Tronics; 
what they are, what they can do, and how they work.

-=Just What Exactly are Tronics?=-
Tronics are a visual programming language that was originally made 
for the Super Tony Land devloper's previous game called Neverdaunt:8Bit. 
Tronics work like a flow chart, in where the wires connect different 
blocks, and these blocks do things with the information from other 
blocks that is it connected to.

In this image, we can see the Tronic Brick at the top, it acts like a 
normal brick but it can't be broken and when it is hit, it sends out 
a flow. This flow is how tronics work, flow comes from a Tronic, said 
Tronic does something and it flows out into the connected Tronic (If 
there are no connected Tronics then the flow stops). In the image on 
the right, the Tronic Brick flows out into the Tronic set, which 
copies the data from the left Tronic Data and outputs it into the 
Tronic Data on the right, the flow then continues and toggles the 
connected Tronic Light.

The nodes on Tronics are how everything is connected together. The 
pink node; Flow out, can only connect a single orange node; Flow in. 
However a Flow in can have many connections going into it. Only 
Tronic Data has the dark blue node, The light green node reads the 
data from the connected Tronic data and does stuff with it. The 
light blue node is the opposite, it will write the result of Tronic 
and output it into the connected Tronic Data. To clerify, Tronic 
A can't connect to Tronic's B and C, but both Tronic A and B can 
connect to Tronic C. Tronics are dynammically typed, so Tronic 
Data can hold floats, integers, strings, and arrays without have 
to specify its type.

-=Notes to take=-
* Tronics work like a flow chart.
* Flow's do not loop.
* Pink node is flow out, connects to a single flow in node.
* Orange node is flow in, can have many incoming connections.
* Light blue is write, connects to Tronic Data.
* Light green is read, reads from connected tronic Data.
* Tronics are cool, and turing complete.

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