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  Hints and Tips for: Super Bounce Out 
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 Super Bounce Out Cheats

Super Bounce Out

Cheat for Super Bounce Out:
Submitted by: sunset

Ok, i figured out a new cheat for Super Bounce Out (new cheat listed below on #4)

1) The time clock only runs down when the balls are NOT moving, so try to move 
   balls from the bottom & as the balls are moving it gives you time to look for
   your next move without running the clock down.

2) Yes there is a panic button but you can only use it once every so often and it

3) Yes there is a pause button & it stops the clock but your game disappears so 
   you can't look for your next move, so this is only good to give your hand a 
   rest, so i figured out a new cheat.... 

4) This gets complicated, but try to follow. Before you start the game.

a) Open a word pad document, have it at the bottom of your screen so it doesn't 
   cover the game. 

b) Find the button at the top,right of your keyboard called "print screen" 
   (usually to the right of the [F12] key).

c) When you get to a level thats harder to win for you, do this very quickly so
   the clock don't run down... BEFORE you press "pause" (because the game screen
   disappears after you press pause), press the "print screen" key, & then quickly
   click "pause". Now you've got time to breath, when your game is paused, the 
   clock also pauses. 

d) Go to your word pad, right click the mouse & select "paste", you will see a 
   copy of the game, where you can take your time & look for available moves.

e) Then, so you don't have to waste time w/mouse movements, you can use the 
   spacebar to "unpause" your game, while you have the mouse located on your 
   game, where your next move is. (the spacebar doesn't work to "pause" the 
   game, ONLY "unpause". 

f) You can do this each time you can't find a move fast enough, so the clock 
   timer doesn't run down. You don't have to save or clear out the word document, 
   just "repaste" over the previous paste you did, & your new game screen will 
   appear, with your current moves visible. 

g) Each time, you can verify you've got the correct game screen, by making sure 
   the "score", "level", "balls to go",& "moves left" match with what is pasted 
   in your word pad.

This helps with finding moves on higher levels, so the clock doesn't run down 
while you're looking. It's the only cheat I can find right now, that hasn't 
already been listed online anywhere. And it helps to pause the game when your 
hand & eyes are getting tired, come back to it, when you have rested, & you 
will still be on your current level.

Saving time:
The clock only runs down when the balls are not moving. Try moving the balls 
from the bottom. As the balls are moving, use the time to plan your next move 
without running the clock down.

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