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  Hints and Tips for: SuperBike World Championship 
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 SuperBike World Championship Cheats

SuperBike World Championship

Wet races effect:
Set the game to "Wet Races" and the other riders cannot live with you.

Stick with the outside chase view until you have memorized every square
inch of the track you're running on. In addition to offering a much 
better view of the road ahead, it also warns you of bike attitude problems
(such as the rear wheel coming off the ground under braking) before they 
have a chance to send you ass-over-handlebar. 

If you find yourself struggling to keep up on certain tracks, try to 
follow one of the AI bikes for a lap or two. If that's still too 
difficult, then run a quick race and save the replay. This way you can
watch their technique from a number of different camera positions and
pick up some valuable pointers. Just remember that the AI bikes sometimes
follow a different set of physical laws, so you won't be able to match 
their speed in every section of the track. 

Graduate to the manual transmission as quickly as your learning curve 
will allow. You can squeeze out a noticeable amount of extra speed when
you do your own shifting. 

Although you can crack off a few hot laps during 
qualifying rounds with the softer tires, the key to success 
in longer races involves choosing and managing the harder, 
more durable tire compounds. This is especially true when 
the track temperature is quite hot. Keep the tire wear display 
turned on (F8 key) to constantly monitor the condition of your 

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