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  Hints and Tips for: Superfighters Deluxe 
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 Superfighters Deluxe Cheats

Superfighters Deluxe

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Online Multiplayer (Hosting, Joining and Port Forwarding):
Written by Hjarpe

This guide describes how to enable port forwarding to be able to play Superfighters 
Deluxe online.

-=Why Port Forwarding?=-
Superfighters Deluxe allows anyone to set up and host a game to play multiplayer 
over the internet. This requires the game to have an open network port so others 
can connect to your game from outside your local network (typically your router). 
The default port is 52233 and both UDP and TCP protocols need to be open.

-=How to Set Up Port Forwarding=-
By default Superfighters Deluxe will try automatic port forwarding using UPnP. 
In the Settings menu there is a Network section where you can find the Port and 
Port Forwarding settings.

For automatic port forwarding to work Port Forwarding must be set to Automatic 
(UPnP). Also, if you're behind a NAT box or a router the device must support UPnP 
and have it enabled. Some vendors require additional settings to be set up before 
UPnP is enabled. Refer to your user guide how to enable UPnP for your specific 

Alternatively, you can set Port Forwarding to Manual and set up the port forwarding 
yourself in your local network. Refer to your user guide how to set up port 
forwarding for your specific router/device.

Some firewalls and anti-virus programs may block communication for Superfighters 
Deluxe. You may need to add Superfighters Deluxe to your Windows Firewall settings 
to allow it to communicate to the internet, and add the game as an exception to 
your anti-virus program.

-=Which Ports Does Superfighters Deluxe Use?=-
Port 52233 and UDP/TCP both directions.

-=Why Can't My Friend Join My Game?=-
To join your game via the internet, your friend also needs to set up port forwarding 
in the way described above.

If you and your friend are behind the same router, i.e. within the same local area 
network (LAN), joining your friend's game via the server browser may not work. 
If so, choose the Connect to IP option in the main menu and type in your friend's 
local area network IP address.

The server browser list all games using the public IP and you can't join your 
friend's game using the public IP if you're within the same LAN.

How to Beat the Seargeant:
Written by Davidov007

So, you think you're strong? You think you're ready? You think you don't need anyone to 
tell you how to play? Well, you've come to the right place! Since you clicked on the 
guide, you probably know what you want. To kill the seargeant and get that sweet 
victory roy-.. I mean, his hat. So let's begin!

Honestly, the fight isn't hard. It's unfair. And the reward isn't even cool! But you 
obviously want to show it off, and I understand that. The basic premise of beating him 
is fast reflexes. His grabs are extremely painful so you have to cancel them by either 
punching in the right exact moment (Which is quite hard) or simply avoiding it.

The way I beat him was do the entire combo of punching as many times as I could, the 
finishing blow aka the uppercut is very useful as it kicks the enemy back no matter 
what they're doing, and you can use this to continuesly keep punching him.

The most important thing you have to remember is: Don't get hit over doing more damage, 
because he can easily outpunch(?) you because of his immense amount of health and damage, 
so avoiding getting hit is key.

I don't recommend grabbing unless you're sure he isn't ready, for example if you just 
knocked him down by an unblocked uppercut, if you try to grab him while you're having a 
punchout, he'll cancel it by punching you, he's an AI after all.

If you run out of energy, surprisingly, it's all good! There is no way he will catch up 
when you're walking away. Once you're full, start fighting back!

I'm not a melee king myself, I don't do complex comboes, but doing simple ones definitely
 worked. Don't do any kicks and don't try to do a jump-punch while going up, he'll block 
it and you'll be left vulnerable. But the jump-punch on the way down will certainly work. 

After all, he's one OP beast, all you can do, is keep it simple and outsmart him with smart 
blocks and quick reflexes. Be careful not to get knocked too far into the right! If you do, 
you will progress the tutorial and won't be able to continue the fight!

Oh yeah, and also, don't try to get an assault rifle off of those 2 guards, they won't 
fight back but the gun will vanish upon dropped. Trust me, I tried.

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