Super Granny 4 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Super Granny 4 
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 Super Granny 4 Cheats

Super Granny 4

General Hints:
- When using the frying pan, just hold down the spacebar instead of rapidly 
  pressing it. The game automatically repeats the swinging motion. 
- Beware of death from above! Some enemies are smart and will jump off ladders
  and monkey bars to attack you from above! 
- When it looks like there's no way to get somewhere... try anyway. Some levels 
  employ the use of fake rock and fake dirt to fool you! Sneaky, sneaky... 
- Always try to get all the collectibles on every level so you can unlock cool 
  flair for your quilt! 
- The frying pan can deflect projectiles like harpoons! Swing away! 
- Some 'tricky' levels will give a clue as to how to solve them in their level name. 
- Bonus levels aren't required to be beaten to pass the game, but some bonus levels 
  may have souvenirs, so if you want to unlock all the flair, play the bonus levels too! 
- Hint: In the campaign mode the enemies will only seek and do harm to the 'active'

If you are using hardware that is below minimum spec (video cards that don't support 
DirectX 8.1 or higher) you may be able to play the game, but not without a few glitches.
If you are ever playing and the whole screen goes black, try switching your screensize 
from windowed to fullscreen (or vice versa). We don't recommend or support playing the 
game on hardware that is below minimum spec, but this workaround should alleviate some
problems if you try it.

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