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  Hints and Tips for: Survivalist: Invisible Strain 
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 Survivalist: Invisible Strain Cheats

Survivalist: Invisible Strain

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Armour Guide:
Written by Red riding hood the third

This guide is about Helmets and Chestarmour. How much damage they can absorb etc.

Helmets / Damage Absorption

Light Combat Helmet - 8
Combat Helmet - 10
Camo Combat Helmet - 12
Heavy Combat Helmet - 12
Riot Combat Helmet - 12

Chestarmour / Damage Absorbtion

Bullet Resistant Vest - 2
Damage Absorption

* Proived no armour against zombie bites.
* Provides no armour against blunt damage (melee).
* Provides complete protection against sharp damage (melee).
* Provides complete protection against bullets (ranged).
* Provides partial complete protection against arrows (ranged).
* It will block the true damage of the arrows but the wearer will still receive 
  wounds and receive 0.02 damage for each arrow instead.
* Damage exceeding the armour limit will cause damage to the wearer and destroy 
  the armour.
* Armour has a limit to their durability which is connected to damage absorption.
* Each point of armour can be considered one life point.
* If damage exceeding normal circumstances hits the armour, instead of breaking 
  it in one hit it will instead only take down one life point. After taking hits 
  equal to its armour level the armour will then proceed to break on the next hit.
* Armour can absorb more hits then its given life points if the damage received 
  is considered low.

Raiding Settlements Guide:
Written by Red riding hood the third

Methods on how to clean up a settlement and take it over.

-=Step to Step Basics=-
There are two types of randomly generated settlements in the map: Survivors / Looters.
Find a base of your choosing, the less survivors in it the easier.
Eliminate all members of the faction, it will notify you after the last survivor died.
The base will turn neutral once the faction has been eradicated.
To take over a base you need a toolbox and material for each fence and building.
Warning: You cannot open their gates once they turn hostile using normal means.

-=Scouting the Base
It is recommended to count the amount of survivors and it's defenses before attempting 
the raid.
Trade with their survivors for molotovs and explosives.
Check for weapons and armour: bows, molotovs and automatic rifles means danger.
Tower positions can be exploited, they have a blind spot if you sneak close to the wall.
Wood fences can be burned down with molotovs (Rendered useless in winter).
Iron fences / Chicken Wires can be blown up with explosives.

-=Eliminating Survivors (Stealth)
Sneak attacks with the hunting knife can eliminate all types of human with no difficulty.
Clothing equipment with the camo tag add +1 of stealth, survivors have a chance of 
wearing them.
It is recommended to quickly retreat with each kill to avoid suspicion.
The best time to assassinate a survivor is outside of their base.
Survivors will leave their base to gather firewood with an axe or if zombies are 
You don't need to be in stealth to assassinate unnoticed. Crouch quickly and stab 
them on the spot.
They will bury dead members in groups of 4, meaning their base will have less 
In case their base is hostile to you, wait outside next to their gate and wait for 
an enemy to leave.
You can easily dispatch them with a shotgun or a molotov. Gain entry and use 
buildings as cover.
Survivors will turn their back to you if they gather water from a well, sit in the 
campfire or if they walk around.
It is quite time intensive to look for an opportunity to stealth kill unnoticed. 
This method is most suited for early characters with no equipment. Easy access to 
weapons and armour.

-=Eliminating Survivors (Loud)
Make sure to acquire equipment suited to take out humans in one hit. 
Molotovs work the best.
Take advantage of cover and hills, ranged users will be forced to approach closer.
It is recommended to have hand to hand skill at level one. You can easily cripple a 
survivor if you take out their legs. Once they stumble on the ground go for their 
head (knifes don't work on armour).
If you're forced to run away, either use forests or hills to make them lose sight.
Armour cannot absorb bullets forever. They will eventually break. They also wont 
make them immune to knockback. Even a fully equiped survivor can be properly 
eliminated if they cant defend themselves.
Cowardly survivors will run away from battle. It isn't recommended to hunt them down. 
Wait at their base using stealth and wait for them to come back for a well timed 
surprise attack.
Occasionally a survivor will break if their moral goes too low. This applies to 
your enemies too. The effects can vary but they will mostly become drunk and 
useless for combat.
The most difficult part is when the enemy faction has one survivor left. If they 
do not return to their base after two days, chances are they collapsed from sleep 
deprivation and low morale somewhere in the wild. They will starve to death 
eventually so there is no need to hunt them down yourself.
Molotovs can be easily crafted with alcohol and rags. They can one shot humans 
making them the best weapon against survivors.

-=Poisoning Survivors (Food Related)
Skinning a freshly killed zombie will yield infected human meat.
Cooking utensils that come in contact with infected meat 'catch' the infection.
Any food made using those cooking utensils will automatically become infected. 
There is no guarantee that the first meal is dangerous but repeated intake will 
be lethal.
Water bottles can also become infected if you fill them up with infected food.
Selling infected food and infected cooking utensils is the most effective method 
for eradicating a faction with no casualties.
Survivors will remember this, if they know you sold them infected food they can 
become hostile.
It is important you separate infected cooking utensils with your normal cooking 
utensils in separate chests.

-=Author Notes
I tested out the difficulty for eliminating a fully occupied settlement using a 
fresh character. I did it with one point in stealth and one point in hand to hand.

It is quite easy to acquire weapons and gold if you successfully assassinate a 

Using shotguns at close range and molotovs did the majority of the work.

The only reason one would want to eliminate a base is if it's occupied by raiders, 
at war with your faction or if you want to get items early.

Otherwise they work very well for protection, getting survivors to join your 
faction and trading in general.

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