Star Wars - Episode I - The Phantom Menace Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Star Wars - Episode I - The Phantom Menace 
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 Star Wars - Episode I - The Phantom Menace Cheats

Star Wars - Episode I - The Phantom Menace

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by Pasha shahini -

While playing the game, press the Backspace key, type one of the following 
codes, and then press [Enter].

Code                Effect
HAPPY              - gives weapon 3 more power
FROM ABOVE         - changes camera view to above player; typing again 
                     places camera directly behind player
PERF               - wireframes on/off
FPS                - toggles frames per second on/off
60FPS              - displays "60"; typing again displays "30"
PERFECTION         - purple-colored Force push power now kills; typing again 
                     returns purple-colored Force push power to normal
SLOWMO             - slow-motion mode; typing again returns to normal speed
BEYOND CINEMA      - letterbox movie mode; typing again returns to normal
TURNTABLES         - displays "The tables have turned"
I LIKE TO CHEAT    - gives all weapons and adds 500 shots to Weapon 2, 500 
                     to Weapon 3, 5 to Weapon 4, 1 to Weapon 5, and 10 to 
                     Weapon 6
GIVE ME LIFE       - sets health to 100 (even if already set higher) 
HEAL IT UP         - sets health to 100 (even if already set higher) 
GURSHICK           - runs credits 
BRENANDO           - displays "Tech bonus!" 
REX                - turns red lines around menu boxes on/off 
IAMQUEEN           - play as Queen Amidala 
IAMPANAKA          - play as Captain Panaka 
IAMQUIGON          - play as Qui-Gon Jinn 
IAMOBI             - play as Obi-Wan Kenobi 
I REALLY STINK     - skill level set to easy 
DONTTTTT           - kills player 
RRRRRIGHT          - kills player 
KILL ME NOW        - kills player 
DROP A BEAT        - waving screen effect; typing again returns to normal
NAUGHTY NAUGHTY    - places camera directly behind player
OLCODE             - displays "debug 1"; typing a second time displays 
                     "debug 2"
BUT I FEEL SO GOOD - Force push power color is changed to red
WHERE IS GURSHICK  - runs credits
I RULE THE WORLD   - displays "You da man" 
Final Battle       - against Darth maul

Submitted by: Sith_Angel Sith_Angel[at]

To turn off cheats: 
(who wants to do that? Isn't that why we're here???) hold  
and type TURNTABLES.

How Best to Kill Darth Maul:
Don't fight him!  Jump over him and use the force to push him over the
ledge.  (Drum roll please) No more Darth Maul to fight.  


In the final battle while fighting with the SITH WORRIER when he kills
qui-gon he goes and throws a big block after he does that he Jumps up,
you to jump up now go near him and try to push him down again he will 
try to go on the bridge, now he cannot jump then you jump down he will
not fight with you he will try to go on the bridge then you can kill 
him while he is trying to.

Submitted by: Vickrahm (

In the Escape From Theed level,I found a proton missle launcher. As we
can open the door in front of  us,we have to jump to the other side and
open the door from the inside.But if you noticed, after jumping, if you 
walk ahead,there is a platform below. Just jump down and grab it.Jump 
back to the top. The best strategy for killing Darth is to have 6 proton
missle launcher shells. As soon as you come out from the forcefield, he
will hit you with red lightning. Run to your left and make sure that he
doesn't hit you with it anymore.Now take out your proton missle launchers
and fire it direct towards Darth. Watch him die after launching the 6th 

In level 8,don't bother about the fellow's shooting at you,just run ahead
and face Darth.As soon as he jumps down,you jump up onto the nearest stone.
In this case, you only have to fight him on the other side after pushing 
the stone blocking your way.

Submitted by: Niyaz

At the Final Battle, against the Sith Warrior, after he has killed Qui-Gon,
use force push and try to push him down into the hole in the center, then 
he will die. Don't bother about his attacks.

Submitted by: Perfect

The best way to kill darthmaul in the last level is to have 1-3thermal 
detonaters and thrw them on sure to be a safe distance.

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