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  Hints and Tips for: Sword of the Samurai 
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 Sword of the Samurai Cheats

Sword of the Samurai

Planning Subterfuge:
Submitted by: RM

When commencing "un-honorable" acts (well, if the target is an allied
rivals), such as assassinations, kidnapping, planting incriminating 
evidence, etc. Such acts take place at a rival or enemy castle. At 
lower difficulty levels, this isn’t much of a problem. However, at 
higher levels, there is a numerous number of guards, thus killing all
of them is quite straining and extremely difficult. There is a way to
“limit” the number of emerging guards, in case the alarm goes off. 
Guards “re-spawn” at un-explored areas (area’s that are still covered
by the black “fog-of-war”). Thus, if you try to explore those areas 
carefully, they will limit guards re-spawning to the point, if all 
areas have been explored, they no longer re-spawn. As easy as the 
theory goes, in practice it is even more difficult. When you start 
exploring, guards patrol casually, only patrolling area’s that are 
accessible and they do not open doors (whereas if the alarm is raised,
they will open doors).
At this point, there usually are a limited number of guards patrolling,
which you can kill quietly. Avoid killing them in corridors or areas 
where they will likely be discovered. When you see a guard, bait him 
by exposing yourself for a second, and he will follow you to your last
exposed location. Hopefully, this last known location will be in a room 
where you can kill him silently.

Guards only raise the alarm when they’ve seen you long enough or discover
dead bodies. So, try to avoid long corridors at all costs and duck-in 
room by room. Only use those long corridors when there is no other route.
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