Swords and Sandals III - Solo Ultratus Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Swords and Sandals III - Solo Ultratus 
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 Swords and Sandals III - Solo Ultratus Cheats

Swords and Sandals III - Solo Ultratus

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

At the begining to enter name say your name eg: bobby or fatty fat fatty. 
Then put a comma after it like fatty fat fatty.

How to get nan gold?:
Go on to the sword master and click on short sword then click inventory and
click buy do this 3 times.

Infinite money:
The glitch is when you enter the mace shop whenever you have money to buy at
least the lowest item. Click on the item you can buy, memorize the ID then 
click on Inventory. The BUY button should still be there. Click on it and it
will give you some money. Go back to the EXACT same item and repeat the steps.
You should only have to do it 1,2,3 or 4 times. if it says right next to the 
buy button YOUR GOLD: NaN, then you have infinite money. If it doesn't, you 
can either try a different website or keep on trying. But, if you challenge
someone or SOMETIMES when you put your armor on its back to normal, so you 
have to repeat it. The infinite money will work at any shop.

Tons of money:
Submitted by: Me

Go to the Little Fat Kid shop, then click on the most expensive spell that u
have the money to buy. Once you see the "Buy" sign pop up, click inventory. 
The "Buy" Sign should still be there. Click it, and u will receive money equal
to the cost of the spell! Repeat until you have the amount of money that you 
want. WARNING!!! if you have any spells in ur inventory it WILL sell them, 
and might often give you 400 gold, so sell all spells before trying.

Need to level up ?:
Submitted by: Ahmad Al Sayer

When you beat an arena champion, before you press the tick to go to the next
chapter, close the game and then open it again. click on load gladiator then
you will be leveled up.

Easy levels:
Defeat an arena champion. Before you advancing to the next chapter, exit the game
then open it again. Click on "Load Gladiator" and you will have leveled up. You 
can do this as many times as you want just as long as you can kill the arena 

This can help u with any game u want:
Submitted by: Ahmad Al Sayer

If u want to be in what ever level u want gold or even skill points, then go to a 
website called Find where it says keywords or title then 
type in the name of the game. When the page loads, click on the game. 
When u play it, u choose if u want to be what ever level u want to be or how much 
gold u want or how many wins o loses or skill points u want when u click the + on 
the far right side of the game.

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