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  Hints and Tips for: Synergy 
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 Synergy Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Save Game in a Coop:
Written by Pontifex Must Live

There are situations when you die, and the game throws you to a very distant 
checkpoint, or even to the beginning of the map. If you too very annoyed by 
such moments, then I offer you two ways to save the game in cooperative mode.

Guide to Savegame in Cooperative Mode

-=Method 1 (Recommended)=-
This method is recommended as the most stable. Formally, this is of course not 
a save, but a teleport to the previously saved map coordinates. 
Weapons and health will not be preserved.

* The server should enter once the sv_cheats 1 command.
* It is not necessary to enter it more during the current session.
* Stand up where you want to save the coordinates.
* Open the console (~ key), enter this command: status.
* A message appears with various session parameters.
* Copy the coordinates x y z from the map line (the line looks something like 
  this: map: d3_c17_01 at: -4199 x, -771 y, 128 z).
* Enter this command: bind F9 "setpos XYZ"
* Where together XYZ paste the previously copied coordinates, but without 
  commas or letters x y z (it should look something like this: bind F9 
  "setpos -4199 -771 128"). Do not forget the quotation marks.

Done. Now after death, you simply press F9 and teleport you to the point you 
saved. To save another point, repeat the whole process again.

You can also send this command to a friend with whom you play through Steam's 
private messages so that he does not have to do the same.

-=Method 2 (Not Recommended)=-
The second method will be simpler, and this is a real save, but at the time 
of writing the manual, it is not very stable and many maps, especially in 
mods, can cause crashes, as well as animation problems.

You and your friend just need to upgrade to beta:

* Right-click on a game in the library -> Properties -> Beta.
* Select "development - Latest Development Branch" from the list.

Done! After the game is updated, the main menu will display the items for
loading and saving the game. They work just like in a single player game.

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