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  Hints and Tips for: Synthetik 
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 Synthetik Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips & Tricks:
* Humanoid enemies take extra damage from headshots. If your weapon is slow 
  and precise, take your time and place shots on them. If your weapon isn’t 
  very precise and fires quickly, aim for the head still, spray and pray.
* Enemy fire can hit themselves. When overwhelmed, try to align enemies, so 
  if they try to fire you, they’ll hit themselves, killing them for you and 
  protecting you as well.
* If very useful specially against sniper soldiers/turrets (wait for them 
  to charge on you until late, than quickly hide behind an enemy so they 
  get the fire).
* If you trigger a mortar, just get near it, it’ll lob a mortar at you, go 
  away to avoid its fire and make it hit itself. You don’t have even to 
  spend bullets on it.
* When facing faced-turrets (that have to face you to fire), you can easily 
  go around them if you get near, so they’ll never shoot at you if you keep 
  circling them. If you hold your fire and gets too slow, stop firing a
  little, dash to the side and keep circling it!
* You can view further away from you when you cursor is near the edges, 
  panning your camera away from the center.
* Just entered a level, and don’t know where the corners of the screen are? 
  Hold TAB or M, the game will show you where you are in the map of that 
  room, so it’ll be easier to know where to go or where to NOT look for 
* Moving around will greatly reduce the chance of getting hit, but when 
  placing shots, make quick pauses at least to increase your accuracy. 
  Also watch the reticle when doing this – if it gets bigger when you
  fire, you’d better not hold the trigger, but give more space between 
  each shot.
* When you enter a new room you can trigger events such as timed chests
  (with arrow pointing the directon) or even timed quests (defuse or 
  destroy stuff), but caution, as luring enemies around will probably
  kill you. Try to move there without beeing seeing by enemies that 
  will seek you, meaning you can trigger mortars (since you’ll be 
  moving around they won’t hit you) or even towers (but carefully, 
  of course), but humanoid will seek you, make noise and gank you.

Taking Shot Guide Extremely Difficulty Level Guide:
Written by annoying orage RAPE

Take a shot every time:
* Your sniper drone shoots when you really do not want it to.
* You recycle an item as engineer. (BONUS: Take 2 shots if it’s a bad item) 
  (BONUS BONUS: Down the whole bottle if it’s Madness Button, Incubus or Black 
  Berserk Charm.)
* You hurt yourself as Demolisher.
* You hit yourself with a ricochet bullet as Heavy Gunner.
* You have the fragile modifier and lose max HP as Riot Guard. 
* A pickup despawns while playing Raider. 
  (BONUS: Down the whole bottle if its a Dogtag)
* You get a weapon or item you don’t like. 
  (BONUS: Down the whole bottle if it’s in really good quality such as Divine, 
  Cursed, Timeless, etc.) 
  (BONUS BONUS: Down the whole bottle (2 if the previous bonus was still in effect) 
  if its from a cursed crate.)
* You step into a mine you didn’t even see.
* You get shot by a sniper from outside your possible vision. 
  (BONUS: Down the whole bottle if it actually kills you.)
* You get a negative effect from the unidentified potion.
* Chat is talking about something weird.
* Down the whole bottle every time:
* You lose your money on a “GAMBLE CREDITS” shrine.
* A timed crate gets locked/ammo box explodes before you could get to it. 
  (BONUS: Take a shot if you have a keycard and get to open the crate anyway 
  cus ???? you .)
* You die while fighting a boss. 
  (BONUS: Down 2 whole bottles if its last defender.) 
* You loop.

How to Save Edit Guide in Game:
Written by Kumakor

This guide will show you how to save edit items onto your characters.
-=Where the save.sav file is located=-
Firstly you want to turn off steam cloud save so the edited file doesn’t get
overwritten by the one in the cloud.

The file is located in C:\Users[username]\AppData\Local\Synthetik

Before you actually edit the file you should make a backup so you don’t lose anything.

-=Save editing=-
After making a copy of save.sav you want to edit the main file.

Open save.sav in notepad.

perkslot0class20=”obj_perk_marksman” (Sniper)
perkslot0class31=”obj_perk_assaultgunner” (Heavy Gunner)

You can just do ctrl f and copy and paste it in there.

After you decided which class to edit you can change any items/modules they have.
For example you replace every item and module with “obj_perk_randomperk”.
You will get random modules in every slot.

Or if you change anything to “obj_item55_stim” you will get stimpacks in that slot.

If you did this correctly and edited the save file thats not the backup it

-=Things to note=-
I am not very experience in save editing though I decided to make a bare bones guide 
on how to do it.

Please write any criticism in the comments if i missed anything.

Oh yeah and please don’t do this in random online play please, it ruins the game for 
other players only do it with friends or in solo please.

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