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  Hints and Tips for: Tales of Nebezem: Elemental Link 
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 Tales of Nebezem: Elemental Link Cheats

Tales of Nebezem: Elemental Link

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To 
view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My 
profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement               How to unlock
Completionist           - Perform at least 9 out of 10 optional tasks.
Transdimensional Door   - Reach the end of the story.
Uniduality              - Find all 50 tokens.

Walkthrough: Optional Tasks:
Written by Gimme_Cookies

How to complete all 10 optional tasks in Tales of Nebezem: Elemental Link.

-=Chapter #2=-
Optional Task #1: Find All Atsuguki Flowers

Your first task in chapter 2 is to get five Atsuguki flowers, but there 
are six Atsuguki flowers in total. Gather all of them to complete the first 
optional task.

Flower 1: In the southeast of the Suitera Fields
Flower 2: in the southwest of the Suitera Fields, just behind the fence
Flower 3: In the southwest of the Suitera Fields, next to the river 

Flower 4: Go to the Foresters’ shed, the forester will tell you he has one 
flower, but he needs it himself. He is willing to trade it for maple fertilizer. 
Go inside the Herbalist Workshop and interact with the middle bookshelf and 
you’ll get the recipe. You need three Nobasubane flowers and two Aoku plants 
(if you don’t know what an Aoku plant looks like, you find one close to where 
you found the first Atsuguki flower and you can find several in the Port). 
When you have all plants, go to the cauldron in the Herbalist Workshop. 
Once you’ve made the fertilizer, you can go back to the Foresters’ shed and 
he’ll give you the flower.

Note: If you have already gathered the five other flowers, talking to Tiali
 will not result in continuing the story line immediately if you have already 
talked with the forester. He will first tell you about the recipe.

Flower 5: Go to the Public Gallery of Arts in the southeast of town. When you 
speak to the artist inside he’ll tell you he’ll give you the flower if you 
check out his gallery and to test that you really looked at it, he’ll ask you 
some questions. 

The answers to the questions are:

* Shizue
* Honmachi 
* Death of a Couple 

Flower 6: Go to the Public Eatery in the northeast of town and eat a snack there. 

Optional Task #2: Visit Murasageo the pretty painter in her house to have some 
tea and biscuits with her

Talk to Murasageo, the lady next to the Public Gallery of Art, she’ll invite 
you to her place at night. After you delivered the dream elixir to the artist 
in the Public Gallery of Art, go to her place. Murasageo lives in the dark blue 
house she was standing in front of during the day. You can now pass the fence
 directly in front of the building and enter her house.

Optional Task #3: Help Shioni gather his fellow fire-worshippers

Go to the hills, near the entrance to the Forest of Brotherhood. Shioni will be 
hiding there. He’ll tell you to ask the people that were present at the fire 
ritual to meet up with him. You’ll find them next to the Public Eatery, next 
the Public Gallery of Art and on a bench in the Fields. Once you’ve talked to 
all of them, go to the well in the fields and talk to Shioni. He’ll give you a 
green bracelet with "Yugime” etched on it.

Optional Task #4: Have Yugime upgrade your Freeze Movement spell to have a 
permanent effect on igimos

With the green bracelet that you got in optional task 3, go to the Protectors’ 
Base and talk to Yugime, the female protector. In return, she’ll improve your 
Freeze Movement spell so that the beasts will stay frozen permanently and it 
will cost less mana.

Optional Task #5: Request help from Shaleu and have him hunt down all igimos on 
the northwestern hill

Go to the southeast of the Port and speak with Shaelu. He’ll remove most of the 
beasts in the hill if you bring him 3 Mahonashi fruits. When you give them to 
him, he’ll do as promised and the hills will be safer.

-=Chapter #3=_
Optional Task #6: Use Fido’s ring to hide in shadows from Pyromilites

After you’ve seen the first Pyromiles in the east quarry, you can ask Fido, 
who’s sitting in front of the café, to help you become stealthier. He’ll offer 
you his stealth ring if you give him some enchanted tobacco. Go to the Magic 
Training Tower and go to the most right cupboard in the upper row where the 
tobacco is. Then go to the most left bookshelf in the same row to distract your 
old teacher and then go back to the cupboard from before. Take the tobacco to 
Fido and receive the stealth ring.

Optional Task #7: Summon Pyrowisps to kill all three-headed snakes at the foot 
of the volcano

Go to the area below the volcano. After you crossed the first lava stream, 
you’ll notice a fire orb. If you interact with it, Corvus will tell you it can 
be used to summon Pyrowisps. Go to the Magic Training Tower and talk to your 
old teacher. Go to the Southern Desert and stand under a blackbird so you get 
its feather. Go back to your old teacher who will now make you the summoning 
powder. When you use the powder on the fire orb, the wisps will be summoned 
and get rid of all the snakes in the area for you.

Optional Task #8: Discover a way to slow down the floating fireballs in the 
Verax prison

During your prison break after you’ve frozen the first guard, you’ll notice a 
flickering lantern and a red button, if you interact with the lantern, Maoti 
will tell you there's a button and pressing it will slow down the fireballs.

Note: If you’ve already pressed the red button, this won’t work, you’ll have 
to press the red button again and then press the button behind the lantern. 
You can then press the red button again to remove the first fireball.

Optional Task #9: Avenge Michiko by incinerating the prison guard who was 
responsible for her death

When you’re escaping from the Verax prison, you’ll notice at some point two 
small blue triangles. When you interact with them you can turn them, do this 
for both. When you continue your escape, at some point a fireball will hit the 
triangles, which will cause the fireball to hit and kill one of the guards.

-=Chapter #4=-
Optional Task #10: Gain control of the mustakukko bird in Miel land to easily 
dispose of all bats

You can get this one after you have arrived in Windy Hills. Close to the swing, 
you'll see a barrel with flowers, to the left of it, is a wand. Pick it up and 
gather 2 mana crystals. Next, talk to Tyyni, she’ll explain what you can do 
with it. Go to your items, click on the wand and charge it. Interact with the 
bird, which you can now control to kill all the bats. 
You can find the mustakukko bird near the fountain.

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