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  Hints and Tips for: Total War: Empire - Definitive Edition 
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 Total War: Empire - Definitive Edition Cheats

Total War: Empire - Definitive Edition

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Tips for World Domination Playing as the Polish:
Written by sirbalin

These are some steps to winning and other tips.

-=Step 1=-
Start amassing an army near Crimea. You will want these ports in the 
black sea. Get it before Russia can. If Russia gets it first, do not 
declare war. They can be a valuable ally if you bit of more than you 
can chew especially with the Ottomans.

-=Step 2=-
Get rid of the Ottoman's control in Europe, then kick out the Prussians. 
For bonus points, you can go for smaller nations near you. Do not waste 
much military power on these.

-=Step 3=-
Once you have removed the Ottoman's control in Europe, attack their 
capital. be sure to have two armies handy, one to guard the capital 
from rebellion, and the better of the two to continue your crusade. 
The capital is the most likely to rebel once you capture it, so you 
must have an army there.

-=Step 4=-
Take out the rest of the Ottoman cities and towns then neighboring 
nations such as Georgia and Dagestan. Then, since the Ottoman empire 
connects to India, attack the Persians and then the Mughal empire, or 
more likely the last city in the Mughal empire. Then, you have the 
option of attacking the Russians or the Maratha confederacy. Both at 
one time, with two or more armies. If you do that in time, you should 
have a victory!

I have not actually tried this particular strategy, however, I have 
taken the Ottomans as the Polish. I am about mid-game in that one.
This may be a burden on you treasury, so trade, trade, trade!

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