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  Hints and Tips for: Tangledeep 
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 Tangledeep Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginners Guide:
Written by aerozol

Tangledeep can be a time sink, and not everything is clearly explained. This short 
guide will ease your way into the game and let you enjoy it without having to worry 
about doing anything "wrong". This guide will be less relevant for the easy 
difficulty (which I would say is less fun and would not recommend).

Tangledeep is a mix of roguelike and RPG genres that you can bounce off quite easily 
because it allows you to invest a lot of time into a character, who will quickly die 
if you stop paying attention at the wrong moment. This game does not nudge you if 
your life is running low. In a similar mix of mechanics, it is turn based, but you 
can move in almost real time if you'd like.

You'll get to grips with it eventually, but don't stress too much about your first 
run. I wouldn't worry about dying on the first boss - the next run will be easier. 
Just have fun for your first hour. Next time you can start worrying about keeping 
your pal alive for longer, and your pet will start carrying you (see the Pets section).

For your first character, pick a job you like the look of and have fun getting to 
grips with the skills. On your next character (RIP first pal), play a different job. 
Look at the skills that would work great in combination with the last character you 
played. Now play only until you get those skills, and then change jobs back to the 
first one you played. Now you have the best of both worlds! You can mix and match 
as many jobs and skills as you like. Congratulations, you now 'get' this game.

Your pets carry over between characters, and so are worth investing some time, thought 
and ? into. Your starting pet is actually REALLY good, thanks to the self-heal. Having 
a pet without self heal sucks. I still have a frog and he carries me through the first 
few bosses easily. So stick with your first buddy for a bit, and:

-=Always get pet insurance.=-
It's really only worth catching the monsters that come up as quests - everything 
else will have low rarity, meaning low stats.
Once you've caught something of decent rarity that matches your pets type (or two 
new rare pets of the same type), use those rose petals and get them dating. Their 
offspring will have better stats, based off its parents. You can keep interbreeding 
offspring (including with their parents), so just keep doing it whenever you find 
some rose petals.
Skills will be passed down randomly. There are ways to breed/learn specific skills, 
but that's not beginner territory, and can be a bit tedious. Having a self heal 
skill is all you have to worry about for now.
Spending more money when breeding = better stats, so try spend the max every time 
if you can.

* Always look for rose petals, job change scrolls and monster mallets from vendors 
  with a 'new' next to them, from day one. Bank them.
* The Soulmaster's 'echo bolts' ability is worth getting no matter what character 
  you have.
* Keep a weapon with magic find or stat boosts equipped in whatever slot you're not 
  using (eg ranged or melee).
* Buy good/rare items when they come up at a vendor (which is not often, most items 
  will suck!), even if it's just for the bank/a later character.
* The orchard looks like it might be complex, but it's not. Just plant whatever 
  seeds you feel like and replace them with rarer seeds or others if you feel like 

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