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  Hints and Tips for: Tannenberg 
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 Tannenberg Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginner Tips:

-=Learning the Mechanics and UI=-
*The tactical map can be opened when youíre alive with the Ď~í key.
*NCOís can use the tactical map to place their standard attack markers, 
 they can also draw attack lines on this map by left clicking when they 
 map is open, then drawing a line.
*These attack lines provide the same score buffs as the NCOís aura.
*It is the job of the NCO to use this map and identify where their squad 
 should attack or reinforce.
*At the center of each capture zone thereís an icon. If itís an artillery, 
 ammo, or binocular icon then in that capture zone will be a small box 
 that allows you to call in artillery, replenish your ammo, or call in a 
 recon plane respectively.
*Grenades can be resupplied at the ammo zones. Donít die with grenades still
 on you. Most players can only resupply one grenade at a time, however 
 depending on the squad levels grenadiers can resupply more grenades.
*Dying doesnít cost your team points, so donít be afraid to stay on the 
*A lot of players know where the mgís are situated at capture zones. 
 Given their very small angle of attack, using an mg is just inviting 
 enemies you canít hit to kill you. Small exceptions here and there, but 
 overall avoid mgís.
*If you own two artillery, or two recon sectors, each call in shares a 
 cool down. You cannot call one support type twice at the same time.
*Your in-game name can be changed in the Tannenburg account settings, 
 it is not attached to Steam.
*When you stop sprinting the game will return you to the stance you were 
 in when you started sprinting. This applies to both crouching and proning.
*The negative number inside one of the score bars at the top of the screen 
 indicate the rate of point loss.
*Grenades can be cooked. The sound a grenade makes when hitting the ground 
 is very recognizable so be sure to cook.
*Make sure your gun is fully loaded before entering an engagement. 
 Donít hesitate to empty the clip into the ground if thatís required 
 before a reload can be done.
*Always hold shift when shooting at any range. Even in close quarters 
 itís a good idea to build the muscle memory of holding shift while 
 shooting. When you have a stable gun and are holding shift, your bullets 
 will have pixel perfect accuracy, so be sure to take advantage of it.
*Learn when itís best to turn and retreat to allies rather than push on.
*Spread out. A lot of fights can be won based on which side has more numerous 
 attack angles. The time an enemy spends moving their sights between targets 
 and identifying target positions is time when they arenít shooting you.
*If you are alone at an enemy sector you have two options: either begin a 
 solo cap to cut off their non-NCO spawns in that sector, or setup outside 
 the capture zone to pick off enemy reinforcements that might be heading to 
 a friendly sector.
*Both options have benefits and come down to the situation.
*Zigzagging is ineffective in Tannenburg. Anyone with an average shot will 
 have no problem killing you if you are zigzagging. Itís far more effective 
 to run straight from cover to cover and minimize your exposure time. The 
 only exception here is when youíre in close quarters to an enemy and running 
 directly at them, rather than to cover.
*NCOs, your mortar is good to go every minute. Keep it coming in. Keep your 
 attack order either on your squadís position, or on the enemies youíre 
 engaging. Donít just throw it onto the target sector and call it a day. 
 Keep it updating to maximize the extra points.

Basic Gameplay Tips:
Written by King Kaesestange one

A short guide with basic gameplay tips for beginners at playing Tannenberg.

-=Don't lay down=-
First of all: Don't lay down. Lay down if you need to, but don't camp laying 
down in a bush. That is not the key to victory.

-=Start of a Match=-
If you spawn the first time and you have a bad stamina like K.U.K. squads, you 
can wait to spawn till you squad mates have reached the first point so you can 
spawn there and get directly to the next one without wasting time with capturering 
and regenerating stamina.

-=Command Bots=-
As you might noticed, there isn't always a full server. So first thing you should 
do if there is a squad with only bots in it: command that squad. You have more 
artyllerie, because bots don't call it in and you have command over these bots. 
Use [X] to get to the command menu and give them orders. Most of the time they 
will try their best, what is better than if they were on their own.

-=Keep moving=-
As said before: don't lay down too much. Get a good movement and lay down to 
reload or to regenerate stamina (that regenerates faster if you lay down or knee 
down). But instead of laying down you should try to capture the key points. 
In general is attacking more usefull than trying to kill as much as one can. 
It is in the end not about the personal score but about how fast you can drain 
the enemies points.

-=User artyllerie=-
If you get shot over and over again while trying to caputer a point, then try 
to use some smoke grenades or call in smokes from artyllerie phones. Those you 
can find in trenches that are under the control of your team. Most of the time 
it is much easier to rech the points if they are smoked off so that the enemy 
hasn't any sight.

-=Try to flank and cut off=-
A very effective way to get very fast control over a large area is to flank 
the enemie. Most of the time the borders of a map aren't as good watched as 
the main points for example. So try to sneak along the borders of the map in 
order to capture a point behind the front so that that point get cut off and 
your team can capture that.

This is a good strategy for capturing single points too. Instead of going 
from the front, try to get behind the point and in the trench from that direction.

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