Test Drive 5 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Test Drive 5 
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 Test Drive 5 Cheats

Test Drive 5

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Vohra Aliraza

Lone crusader in a drangerous world-for enabling nitro boost without
entering the "whoooosh" in the screen name. Type the cheat at the 
starting when 3,2,1, Go is said.

Submitted by: Terry George

To get nitro Type in the options menu "Lone crusader in a dangerous 
world" And in the game press the horn.

Cheat mode:
To use these codes you must be fast enough to have your time entered
on the high score screen (make sure to turn checkpoints on from OPTION

Name:      Effect:
knacked    - Reverse tracks
whoooosh   - Nitros (press HORN while racing)
mjcim.rc   - Tiny cars
sausage    - Bonus cars

After entering the codes make sure you save your game.
Otherwise, you will have to run this each time you play.

Also, if you use the Nitro code don't try it until you're
in second or higher gear. Otherwise you'll spin out. 

Other Cheat Codes:
Go to the first OPTIONS menu and type:

Code                                 Results
cup of choice                      - This unlocks all cup races!
that takes me back                 - This enables backwards mode!
i have the key                     - This unlocks all cars and tracks!
i carry a badge                    - This Unlocks police cars
lone crusader in a dangerous world - Nitro when horn is used
have a nice day                    - Upgrade your car
remote braking                     - Opponents stop when horn is used

Where the spaces are you must hit the space bar

All Cars 
To unlock all cars, type "I have the key" at the options screen. 

All Police Cars 
To unlock all police cars' go to the 'options' screen, then type in 
"i carry a badge" You will hear a 'boom' sound if you did it right. 

All Tracks 
At the options screen type "Cup of Choice" to unlock all tracks. 

When you get a high score, enter your name as "whoooosh". While playing,
press the HORN button for a burst of speed. 

Remote Breaking 
At the options screen type "remote braking". This will then stop all 
opponents when your horn is sounded. 

Reverse Tracks 
To reverse the direction of the race, type "That takes me back" on 
the Options screen. 

Small Cars 
For smaller cars, enter your name as "mjcim.rc" on the high score screen.

Flip your car:
Use the following trick to drive sideways or flip you car over. Get a very 
fast car. Go to the Sydney, Australia track. The big ramp past checkpoint 
three is very good for this trick. Get your speed to 170 mph or more. As 
you go up the ramp, turn left or right near the top. Then, turn in the 
opposite direction and hit the gas hard. This will cause the car to slide 
and sometimes even flip over.

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