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  Hints and Tips for: Teenagent 
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 Teenagent Cheats

Training Camp:
Show your pass to the guard. Walk down then path. Enter the door 
marked "001." Watch the small scene. The captain throws you in 
a cell. First, take the light bulb. Take the spring from the bed.
Use the grating (crates in the game) until the captain gives you 
food. Put the wires on the food. 
Flip the switch. Use the grating again. Search the captain's 
body. Use the key on the door. Watch the scene. Leave the office. 
Search trash can. Go down path to left. Take plant next to brick 
wall. Go back to office. Use the delicate plant on the captain. 
Take his knife. Leave office and go back down path to left. Use 
the spring on hard ground. Jump on the spring. Go up top path. 
Go right again. Use the knife on the fence. Use the shovel on 
the mysterious object. Go to camp entrance. Give kaleidoscope to 
the guard. Take grenade on guard's belt. Use grenade on rope. Go 
back to the captain's office. Give "Soldier News" to the Captain. 
Watch the scene. Talk to the barman. Take crumbs at the table on
right. Go to the mud pool. Climb pole. While in the mud, use the 
mug on the pool. Go to the captain's office. Use the grenade + 
rope on desk drawer. Watch small scene. Take medicine in drawer. 
Use medicine on the crumbs. Go to mud pool. Use the drugged food 
on pole. Take bird. Go to Cantine. Use bird on radio. Use mug 
full of mud on barman's mug. Talk to barman. Go through door to
left. Poke blinking hole in upper right barrel. Watch scene.

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