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  Hints and Tips for: Telepath RPG 2 
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 Telepath RPG 2 Cheats

Telepath RPG 2

Submitted by: David K.

Search the following locations to find the indicated orb. An orb becomes
equipped when discovered. You can equip or unequip orbs in your room. 
You can only equip one resistance and one ability orb each at one time.
Yellow is very useful for final battle.

* WHITE - Clear Lala's house of bugs, DO NOT take money, take orb gives
  resistance to light attacks (nelis' holy sword thing, im guessing).

* ORANGE - After mission 2, in the great forest, it is under cover of 
  trees, tab can help find it, bottom-left corner of second screen gives
  heat resistance.

* RED - After mission 3, in the deeper downs, first screen, there is a 
  secret opening at the top right corner, go in, open chest changes pyro
  blast to pyro hail.

* INDIGO - After mission 4, find the green tent (courtesy of BILL BOB) in
  the great forest, after buying both "gaggets", talk to him again and 
  he'll sell you it changes mind shield to big shield.

* BLUE - After mission 5, make sure to have Grotius, talk to him about 
  being lonely, then talk to Nightling by the palace about Grotius, return
  to Grotius gives cold resistance.

* GREEN - Between missions 5 and 6, talk to the pirate to the right of the
  dock at lake alto, do as he asks raises speed.

* YELLOW - On an island in lake alto (after saving darkeye), coordinates 
  x = 1806, y = -846 raises focus [amount of psy power gained from not 
  attacking (1 to 5) or not moving or attacking (3 to 10)].

* BLACK - At the academy, talk to your brother gives shadow resistance.

Submitted by: MAX

Go to the dagger thrower and get gold then go to HQ then go to blue darkling
then go back to dagger thrower then you get lots of gold over time.

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