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  Hints and Tips for: Terra Nova 
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 Terra Nova Cheats

Terra Nova

Alright mateys, there be spoilers ahead! (If anyone cares about 
how I did it, read on.)  Of course you're stuck with the worthless 
Brandt ap Io. Kit him and  the  rest  out with plasma cannons and 
the blue (fusion?) lasers. The new Accelerators  are  a  must. 
Take two weapon specialists with you, oryou can go with  a  repair  
squaddie.  Either  way,  ma  ke sure at least one of them has 
autoturrets. I chose mines. When you touch down, you have a couple 
of options. Either  stay  and  take  out  the  first  patrol or yourself, 
or watch as your comrades bomb them to bits. Then head left, around 
the corner of the compound. (Take  out  any relevant turrets, of course.) 
At the n orth entrance, have the others  wait  well  back,  near the 
end of the cleared area. take out the tank that  has  spotted you. You 
may need to hustle a bit here, because you want to start spacing a line 
of mines (I used three at a time) beginning right inside the  entrance  
and  leading straight to your squad. Then start playing hit and run. 
If clones don't hunt you down as you're laying mines, then shoot 'em 
from afar.  Run back over the mines, and mop up the rest. 
Make sure your squadmates are  back  far  enough  that  their  eager  
bombing  of the baddies doesn't prematurely  set  off a mine. Repeat 
the process. There's one particularly large group  of  clones  that's  
going  to  be  tough.  Have  your mate(s) drop some autoturrets  
between  you  and  the  mines  so they will help the cause. WATCH
BRANDT. He's your ticket home, and evacs quickly. Anyone that 
attacked Brandt, I  snuck  up  and  wiped  out.   There's a group of 
clones that perches on the (landing  pad?  loadingdock?)  inside near 
the fuel dome. For some reason they pulled  a  Bambi  and  never 
noticed when I terminated them from afar with the plasma  cannon.  
Ignoring a bunch of drones that were joggi ng around near the front  
of  the complex, I ordered B. to nuke the joint. Then we headed out, 
to another  kind  of  rendezvous,  back at HQ. It got a bit hairy, 
but I survived with  all  three of my comrades intact, on standard 
difficulty. Give me a true mission  editor,  and  I  can envision a 
round-robin affair where five friends each  designs a level for the 
other four to play as a team (assuming a network option). 
That could be fun.
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