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  Hints and Tips for: Terminator - SkyNET 
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 Terminator - SkyNET Cheats

Terminator - SkyNET

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Haspa

Cheat mode:
In the U.S. version, press [ALT] and \ at the same time to enter 
these codes. Some European versions require you to press [ALT] and 
# instead.

Code           Result
GARBLE       - Garble cheat codes toggle
SUPERUZI     - Get the Super UZI
ICANTSEE     - Show viewscreen
WHOAMI       - Shows your name
COUNTERS     - Shows current co-ordinates
VERSION      - Shows version
HELLO        - Shows message: Hello?
ILLBEBACK    - Skip to next level (There is only one level so 
               it ends mission.)
ARNOLD       - Gives ALL the weapons!!!
NITROUS      - unlimited time
SLUGS        - more weapons
TARGET       - target lock
WILLNOTSTOP  - god mode
JOYCAM       - 3rd person view in multi-player mode
SURGERY      - full armour and health
NULL         - Level select

Anti-drown cheat:
If you keep drowning in the sewer on level 5, try this: when you activate
the switch and the water starts rising, save your game. Reload the saved 
game, and the water is gone.

On some European versions pressing alt-* will allow you to enter the cheat 

Humans see farther than robots (in this game anyway). Use this to your 
advantage and take out targets when they first appear as faint outlines.

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