The Adventures of Nick and Willikins Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: The Adventures of Nick and Willikins 
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 The Adventures of Nick and Willikins Cheats

The Adventures of Nick and Willikins

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Written by Ayuri

Simple text walkthrough for the Point & Click game "The Adventures of Nick & Willikins"

Since there is no hint system in the Adventures of Nick & Willikins, I decided to create 
this guide to help people who don't know what do to next and are stuck. To keep it simple,
I will only mention what's essential for the game progression; however, I would recommend 
to explore and interact with everything to take full advantage of the game.

-=Under the Bed=-
* Click under the bed and examine it 
* Click on the Phone Charger and pick it up

-=Feed Nick=-
* Click bottom left on your inventory to open it 
* There's a Pizza Hamburger ! Use it on Nick to give it to him. Of course, 
  he doesn't want it 
* Go right to the Bathroom 
* Open your inventory, select the Pizza Hamburger and click on the Loo. Bye bye food 
* Go left, back to the Bedroom 
* On the left, leave for the Ballroom, then right to the Dining Room 
* Keep going until you see the entrance to the Kitchen at the bottom left 
* Once you're in the Kitchen, check the Toast on the sink and pick it up 
* Look at the Fridge and take the Magnet on it 
* Open the Fridge and take the Sausages 
* In the inventory, combine the Toast with the Sausages 
* Back to the Dining Room, head toward the Bedroom 
* Use the Sausages on Toast in the inventory and give it to Nick 
* Back to the Bathroom to wate some more food 
* Use the Sausages on Toast on the Loo 
* Back to the Bedroom, then to the Kitchen to prepare another meal... or not. 
  What's that noise ?!

* Go upstairs to the Dining Room, then to the Ballroom
* Go to the Entrance Hall. Good Lord !
* Back to the Bedroom, enter the door next to the clock
* Once in the Dressing Room, take the Phone Charger in your inventory and use it on 
  the Mobile Phone
* Click on the Mobile Phone and use it to call 999
* Clever Ruse will give you a Colouring Book to exonerate your Master. 
* You'll just have to find : the motive, the weapon, the witness and the proof of 

-=The Motive=-
* Head downstairs to the Kitchen
* Open the Rubbish Bin to retrieve the Rubber Gloves
* Go to the Entrance Hall and put the Rubber Gloves on to examine the Dead Body
* Click on the Wallet and pick it up. You now have the emergency phone number
* Go back to the Dressing Room upstairs and use the Mobile Phone to dial the 
  number you just found

-=Motive Found=-
-=The Witness=-
* Go to the Entrance Hall and exit the house 
* Click on the White Note and the Black Note on the door 
* Go to the Garden 
* Have a look at the Post Box and the Post Code Label 
* Enter the house until you're in the Entrance Hall and then go left 
* Talk to Great Aunt Petunia 
* Go to the Dining Room and examine the Portrait of Lady Beatrice 
* Back to the Dressing Room, use the Mobile Phone and call the Activist
  ;he isn't the witness you're looking for 
* Now call Stuff Bringers 
* When she asks about the QR code, select the owl 
* Willikins will automatically give the address 
* Select the first two portraits to answer the direct ancestors question

-=Witness Found=-
-=The Weapon=-
* Go back to the Bedroom and look under the Bed. Talk to Nick, exhaust the 
  dialogue and ask him to let you have a look under the bed 
* Go to the Drawing Room and pick the 8 Ball up 
* Go to the Kitchen and use the Curtain under the sink. Take the Rat Poison 
* Go left to the Pantry and take the Fish next to the entrance 
* Back to the Kitchen, go downstairs to the Wine Cellar 
* Take the Rope on the ground and the Sticky Note ("No") on the bottle 
* In the inventory, combine the Sticky Note and the 8 Ball 
* Go outside and have a look at the Green Gnome 
* Continue the Path to Garden and take the Sickle on the ground next to the Shed 
* Back to the Mansion, go to the Bedroom and give the "Magic" 8 Ball to Nick 
* Look under the Bed and notice the Garden Gnome 
* Open the inventory to use the Rubber Gloves on the Garden Gnome. 
  Not suspicious at all... 
* Head back to the Kitchen, then to the Wine Cellar 
* Have a look at the Flooded Basement : the Garden Gnome is out of reach 
* In the inventory, combine the Sickle and the Rope 
* Use the Rope and Hook on the Garden Gnome, or at least try 
* In the inventory, combine the Rat Poison and the Haddock together 
* Throw the Poisoned Fish in the Flooded Basement. RIP 
* Now you can retrieve the Garden Gnome easily 

-=Weapon Found=-
-=The Proof of Sanity=-
* Go back to the Bedroom and enter the Bathroom 
* There's some Medication you can pick up 
* Go to the Dressing Room and use the Mobile Phone to call Dr. Gesund 
* Go downstairs to the Drawing Room and talk to Petunia about the proof of 
  sanity [Friendly]. You'll need a Decoder Ring 
* Turn on the TV and have a look at it 
* Go to the Garden, take the Plans on the door and examine them 
* Talk to the Hedges to call for the Groundskeeper and ask her about the Maze 
* To the Dressing Room we go 
* Open the Sewing Bench and pick up the Fabric Pencil 
* In the inventory use the Fabric Pencil on the Blueprints and give it to Nick 
  to make him sign it 
* Go back to the Garden, call for the Groundskeeper and ask about the Maze again 
* Go through the New Maze Path 
* Use the Plug and then the Controls twice to turn the American Flag Led on 
* Exit the Maze and go to the Drawing Room 
* Watch the TV to get a new phone number 
* Go upstairs to the Dressing Room and call Sarcastic Voyage 
* Exit the house and check the Letter in the Letter Box in the Garden 
* In the inventory combine the Decoder Ring with the Note 
* Go to the Drawing Room and open the book "The Lion, the Witch and the Very Big Fish" 
* Pick up the Paper that fell on the ground

-=Proof of Sanity Found=-
-=Solving the Crime=-
* Go upstairs and call Clever Ruse now that you've gathered the evidence 
* Follow Clever Ruse in the Gallery 
* Continue to the right and use the door to spy on him 
* Go to the Bedroom and talk to Nick again ; he tells you that he's in the Kitchen, 
  so go meet him there 
* You'll have to justify your actions three times in a row, but the only answer he 
  accepts every time is that you are a rubbish butler 
* Time to discover the truth...

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